Best Jitter Reduction Device.

What is the best jitter reduction device you've used? AA, Sonic Frontiers, Monarchy, Theta or whatever.
How about a really good isolation device and leave out the additional complexity and processing?
Sorry, couldn't resist.hehe

Ken Lyon
I've used Audio Alchemy DTI's, including the Pro-32, and the Genesis Digital Lens. The Genesis is the best in my system with Theta Digital gear, but it is very system dependent. It can make some DAC's sound worse! I would recommend auditioning any jitter-reduction unit before being commited to purchase.
Purcell upsampler?
Try Genesis, if it works: fine, if not, assess Purcell, very expensive though. I agree with Kthreshhold, that the Genesis is highly system dependent, the Purcell seems not to be,Avguygeorge has a point there.
a good turntable. ;~) sorry, i couldn't help it! :>)