Consedering purchasing these speakers but was wondering if my vintage NAD 3020 will be able to power them well enough? Speakers are 88db and of coarse the NAD is 20watts with high current.Speakers recommend at least 30 watts.Any help would be grateful.
As someone who had the CDM1SEs, they are quite good, although I would recommend a beefier amp. They're a little hard to drive. Your NAD can actually do 35W into 8 ohms, but I personally, would want a bit more headroom. For reference, I was running them with the B&K AVR 202 which gave 125WPC. Seems it's better to have an amp that's capable of delivering more power than the speakers are rated for, than giving less (in terms of potential damage).
I have the CDM1NTs in my system and have found that they do perform better with an amp that has some heft/watts.

In your case, "well enough" would depend on how big of a room your speakers are in, where your listening spot is, and how loud you like to listen. Will the 3020 work? Sure, but imho, you would do better with a bigger amp to unleash the potential of the CDM1SEs.
That's what I wanted to know.Think I'll pass on the B&W's.Thank you.