Audiophiles and nostalgia,

As seen on ebay and other sites, us boomers are buying things from our youth.  The '55 throuth '57 Chevys are classics, can they compete with the performance, etc. of many more modern cars...well that is up to the Buyer.  Having owned much audio gear over the years, most of the older audio items are just that.  Having a vintage set up can be fun and memory filled, but in my experience most of the items are more nostalgia than audiophile.  When I sunk much money in a '56 Chevy, you know 327 motor, Muncie 4 speed, mags, new paint and interior, my Dad took a look at it and said "you know what you have there?  An old car"  Fun, cool looking, went fast in a straight line...........but. 

I have some Earl Bostic albums. 
Nostalgia kills performance.  
Hey Millercarbon.
I have a 79 SC as well --Petrol Blue with black interior. It is my favorite of the half dozen 911s I have owned since then --all of which were a later vintage--none of which I still have.
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I have a 73 De Tomaso Pantera with many serious performance mods. It's fast and handles great but crude by comparison to new performance cars. Sometimes it makes me feel young, sometimes it makes me feel old. Nostalgia, reality?