ATC SCM11 thinking about a pair. Opinions.

I am going to ask for an opinion/thoughts (boy I asked for it now).

I am thinking of getting a pair of the ATC SCM11 for use in my office 12x14 Moon 240i a Moon 280D.

my main system is a 340i with the 260D and 280D SF Olympica Nova 3. 

The scm 11 is the best seller of the ATC entry series.  It sounds the warmest and has the most bass of any of their bookshelves, subjectively.  All bookshelf speakers sound better on stands, heavy mass stands (NOT wooden ones NOT light metal ones).

I do not understand the idea they sound better louder.  Actually the goal of ATC engineering is to make them sound THE SAME at any level.  The objective is to reduce distortion in the drivers themselves so you hear more music, less speaker. 

But I'm the importer to the US, so I'm horribly biased.  I also sell ATC to the people who make the records themselves.
@lonemountain. Thank you for your feed back.

Go for a used pair of 19’s if you can, version 2.

ATC is awesome!  Fantastic speakers.  
Really depends on what kind of sound characteristics you’re looking for.  They will sound quite different from your SFs if that’s what you’re after. 
b_limo2's suggestion is a good one.  I think overall more people who love orchestra, jazz, piano would like the transparency of the newer generation SCM 19's (the one in the curved box) because of the higher end drivers.   For those into rock music, pop music, radio or cinema the SCM 11 is the deal.  All ATC drivers are still hand made.