Are Magnepan MMGs THAT difficult to drive?

I am VERY interested in trying them out. I just ordered the Peachtree Audio Nova and I am concerned if it will do the job. Anyone?
That depends on the size of your room, the SPLs at which you enjoy your music, and the genres to which you listen. 80 WPC(perhaps more into the MMG's 4 Ohms) will produce decent SPLs with the MMGs, but not a lot of bottom end, or dynamic range. They're cheap, and Magnepan offers a 60 day, money back, in home trial. What have you got to lose by trying a pair? Then again- If you like philharmonic orchestras, or Heavy Metal at full tilt: Don't expect to be too thrilled with the combo.
I have used a 50 wpc NAD and a22 wpc Scott tubed amp with good results in a 12 X 12 X9 room. Having a powered sub and Furman 20 helps. I listen to jazz classical and orchestral music. Sound Anchors or Mye stands improve effeciency of the Maggies.
I've owned a couple of different Magnepans, including the MMG's. The Peachtree will probably drive them okay, but they won't really shine until you throw some more power at them.
If you add a subwoofer, you'll fill out the bottom octave and get significantly better dynamics from the little Maggies. Run full range, you're probably at the margin per Rodman's post.


PS - The MMGs are a pain to seamlessly match with subs, but it can be done. I use a Velodyne SMS-1 controller between the MMGs and my subs and have gotten great results.
I've been actively bi-amping with planars for years(Maggies now), and yes- That's the best way to go. Relieve them, and the power amp, of the lower frequencies(say above 100-200Hz) and run a fast, powered sub on the bottom. Much cleaner, more transparent and dynamic. They're really easy to mod too.
I have VTL's tiny triodes (25watts) running my MMG with no problems. And, I might add, that the base is excellent when moving my couch closer to the back wall. I have tried a REL sub with the MMG's and it was good. I still prefer the MMG's by themselves.

to get the best out of them try class D amplification

Jeff Rowland amps for example matches perfectly with Magnepan
in a word, NO.
Lowish impedence is ok since the phase angles are moderate.

My ancient MG-1s were reasonably happy with about 80/side of an old Kenwood integrated and came alive with almost 3x that power.
Current 1.6s like power. period.
Quite the contrary. Their nominal impedance is 4 ohms. They are purely resistive load. This makes them an ideal amplifier load. But like most large panel speakers they require high current Moreover because they resolve best at high SPL they require high watts.
Since high wattage tube amps are expensive most people go solid state. Some examples, AR, CJ. Bryston and the aforementioned Rowland Research. Hybrids like Moscode are also a good choice.
No. That Peachtree will work excellently with them. I mean, the speakers cost $ don't need to go crazy with big expensive amps on them. I've found that even a Naim Nait 5i makes them sound great.
I had a pair of 1.6 for about a year. I did not care for the speaker as much as I thought I would, but was able to drive them with a Cambridge 640v2 in a medium size room at regular listening levels with no problems. Your speakers should be able to work with an amp like that with no problems.