Anyone Tried the TJ Full Music 845 Tubes?

Has anyone had the opportunity to try the TJ Full Music 845 tubes? How do they compare to Shuguang (A, B, and metal plate)?
Hi, I have used them in my Cary CAD805c's for the last 5 years. The TJ's have much smoother sound quality and better extension at both frequency extremes. The Shuguang are more up front sounding while the TJ's are more laid back. Hope this helps.
I use the TJs in my Art Audio Carissa Sig., haven't heard the Shuguangs in this amp. Much prefer the TJs vs. KR845s in this amp, more musical, relaxed than the KRs.
Thanks for the feedback. My favorite so far in my 805Cs are the 845B. Since NOS is out of my price range, these sound like they're worth a try.