Anyone compare Snell LCR7 and/or NHT M6 monitors?

Both are acoustic suspension MTM designs. The Snell is a 2-way; the NHT is a 3-way. Either one would be used with a high pass filter and subwoofer.

Thanks in advance for any comments.
HI Bob. How do you like the M6 ? I ordered 3 M5 at a very good price. It's too bad that no matter how much I tweaked they are some bright, sibilant SOG. Not that my ears are bleeding but the M5's harshness in 2 channels audio and some movie soundtracks and in Diana Krall's in " Live in Paris" CD is unbearable. These M5s are only good for movie stuff. Too bad, my memory does not serve me right or NHT's sound house has changed drastically from the Super Zero, Super Ones. Good thing does not last forever!
Hi Andrew,

I never bought a pair. When I was thinking about swapping out my M&K monitors I was looking at sealed boxes and the Snell and NHT were options. I have since decided on active speakers, but waiting for my Bryston amps to sell.

Based on JA's measurements of the LCR7 and M6 I expected them both to be pretty accurate -- another reason I was considering them.

MTM design image and sound stage extremely well. If you can find a design with a 6.5 to 7.0" inch drivers the configuration should provide adequate bass response - not needing the subwoofer - source and amplification dependant.


PS please answer peoples questions professionally
PS please answer peoples questions professionally
What exactly did I say to Andrew that you think is unprofessional?
You've posted twice and bagged on Bob twice. You think his are unprofessional? You should read my posts!