any laptop has spdif output?

I wanted to use a laptop for a music server and wanted to know if anyone can recommend one that has spdif output so not to run into issues with an external dac that is limited to 44.1/16 USB.
I, too, suggest going with an external USB-to-S/PDIF converter for best sound quality.
Get one with a good, independent power supply.
Even if the Laptop does have Toslink or even coax output, the jitter from these would be terrible. Much worse sounding than a cheap CD player/transport.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Steve what about an All in one computer then? Any better than a laptop?
Some new Dell XPS series have an S/PDIF (optical) output along with the headphone out, you just need an adapter.

I am sure there are others, I've noticed a few new laptops with S/PDIF printed in the plastic (or metal) next to the headphone out, so probably most are using the same technology built into some particular brands and models of audio cards.
My gateway xps laptop has a shared analog/optical output that rocks my world. What an amazing idea. I hear no jitter but it could be there. What would be the proper instrument for measuring and detecting jitter?