Album which you have listened to most?

We all have favourites and we all keep going back to them every now and then. Some maybe permanently lying next to our systems and have been for years.

Is there an album or two or three at the most which gets most of your attention and is played on your system most often? Not necessarily the best sounding but the one which you are emotionally attached to.

I thought I would ask for a single album but to make it easier for all you may name three of them.

If you have have had the album for more than five years, it qualifies for inclusion here.

The reason I decided to post this message is because I am interested in buying something interesting and if there are only ten people responding it means 30 albums for me to be on the lookout for.

Thanks a lot for your input (if you have read this far I know you will post your three albums also) :-)
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Funhouse by the Stooges with Exile on Main St a close second
Easily the top album played on my system, in my car, and on my iPod -

Metallica - Ride The Lightning

Other Metallica albums may have a better song or two, especially Master Of Puppets, but there's not a single track I skip on Ride The Lightning. People say the song Escape was a poor attempt at commercial success. The band must not like it because it has never been played live. I like it enough to never skip it.

Next 2 are pretty tough. I like so much stuff that nothing stands out like Ride The Lightning. I guess it has to be my favorite album if I've been listening to it this often and have owned it for about 20 years.
1-If you don't know Charlie Hunter, try "Earth Tones" ... and start with cut 2, "What I Am" ... musicianship beyond compare
2-Dave Douglas ... I still vote for "Keystone," but find that I'm playing "Spark of Being" with regularity
3-Donny McCaslin ... "Soar" and "In Pursuit" ... essentials and "to die for"
4-Manu Katché ... "Third Round" ... buy it and find out why it was the only decision to make
5-Chris Potter ... if I get only one, I'm going with "Follow the Red Line" and it will remain my favorite CD of all time
6-Dominic Frasca's "Deviations" ... buy it! End of story.
7-Natalie Merchant's "Leave Your Sleep" ... a vocalist without equal; she needs to marry me
8-Elton John/Leon Russell's "The Union" ... better than EJ's TV appearances suggested

I've got so many others, but I'm very enthused by these at the moment, and in some cases I've been enthused for several years. Potter is the sax man, though McCaslin is "almost" without equal.
Three I always go back to and never tire of hearing:

1) Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
2) The KLF - Chill Out
3) John Mellencamp - The Lonesome Jubilee
On the turntable tonight (and most nights of late) are

Plans: Death Cab
Sea Changes: Beck
Only by the night: kings of leon