Add on supertweeters hard on amp?

I have a 400xi driving my Krell Res 2 speakers and I would like to experiment with a pair of 4ohm supertweeters. Will this tax my amp to much or is it a benign load?
An almost non existant load.
>>An almost non existant(sp) load<<

If connected in parallel with your speakers, the combination presents a 2 ohm load to your amp(s).
No problem for you at all
"If connected in parallel with your speakers, the combination presents a 2 ohm load to your amp(s)." Only at the very highest frequencies. Throughout most of the range, the supertweeter's HP filter will present a fairly high impedance.

Thanks for your responses, I contacted the manufacturer directly and was informed that he load is extremely benign..almost nonexistent on a voltmeter. I have a 30 day trial free anyhow so what the hey!!
Waht Super Tweeter are you trying ?
Onix ERT berylium ribbon unit from AV123. 30 day return policy is a must for this type of tweak. It's an inexpensive way to at least get a feel for what an extended high frequency driver can add to a system. Later on if necessary I can always splurge for a Townshend or Murata ST! I talked with the tech rep at AV123 and he told me the load is almost non-existent for the amp.
Interesting,I read the AV123 product page and a review. I can't find where it states it's a beryllium ribbon.
You are correct Clbeanz...confabulated it from he PF review I read which mentioned another product which had berylium! Still worth a try however.
I am using Infinity Emits crossed over at 16khz... the effect is almost subliminal. Just the right amount of air and upper harmonics. The GAS 500 Ampzilla didn't feel a thing.
I'm still waiting for the ERT's from AV123...will inform after trial.
ERT's they require break-in?? I will post reuslts after a few days of heavy listening.
The AV123 ERT supertweeters transformed my system...air, openess, resolution, soundstaging and low level detail are now present. The supplied cable is ok for breakin purposes but must be replaced for best results. Enjoy!!
Dave....give me more of an update on the supertweets - I have been considering getting a pair of theERT's

I used to have a ribbon supertweeter back around 25 years ago _ i carried those from friend to friend's system plunking them on top - they ALWAYS added that air.....then I moved - god rid of lots of stuff including those - now I want that air back. Will the ERT's do it????
Yes, they will add openess and illumination to the soundstage and down into the bass region as well! Across the board they enhance the entire audio band with increased definition and tonal correctness....they just make listening far more enjoyable and exciting, period. I would not do without them.
Not a load problem at all.
The supertweeters are not a concern as far as a load on the amp!
It wasn't a question Dave but thanks for confirming. Some others seem to disagree.
Not really up for debate...they are almost unmeasurable on a voltage meter!
I am agreeing with you Dave.
Great minds think alike Rwwear...and despite that we both agree...weird!