A Ghost in the System? Music Thru Speakers with Preamp Disconnected

I disconnected my preamp yesterday completely from my system in order to install some constrained layer damping tape.  The DAC was on and receiving music, but the signal chain between the power amp and the dac was completely broken due to the preamp being removed.  BUT:  I could hear very low volume, but very clear, music playing thru the speakers!  And no, I was not intoxicated.  How is this possible?  Cool stuff.  Thanks.
Electrons move very slowing. So, after you pull the plug they’re already on the way. They just take a while to get there. 
Your entire system is possessed & likely evil. I'll take it off your hands :-) (You're Welcome) 
Music heard was same as that on DAC. XLR cables were hanging from the power amp and dac, but not connected together.  Preamp was unplugged and in another room!
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