A couple of tweaks

Here are two tweaks that I came up with recently out of necessity. Since adding a dedicated ac line is a little complex with my rig upstairs and the circuit breakers downstairs, I improvised. The outlets are the inexpensive ones that you push the wire in the back and a spring clip holds up to four wires that way. There are actually two connections the wire goes through to continue its journey because they are both pushed into the back of the outlet. And they are poor connections at that. So at each outlet I wire nutted the two wires together and added a pigtail to be pushed into the outlet, effectively bypassing the outlet as a connection point for the wires. I also changed out the outlet supplying my gear to a Home Depot "Pro" model that grips the plug much tighter. The results? An undeniable gain in dynamics and now when the amp is powered up the room lights give just a quick flicker instead of a momentary dimming.
The second tweak is for placing damping to block unwanted sidewall reflections etc. The Guide to Home Stereo (? Robert Harley's book) suggests placing a lamp at each speaker position and running a mylar strip around the walls. Then place damping where you see a reflection of a bulb from the sweet spot. I didn't have mylar or know where to get it so I took my laser level, used for aiming the speakers, and found a second purpose. I set the beam for line projection and set it atop the speaker with the horizontal line projecting on the side wall. Then slid a hand mirror against that wall until the beam was reflected to the sweet spot. The damping (Sonex) was added at that point on the side wall. Repeat for other side and back walls for each speaker. It works great! Anyone have their own homebrew tweaks that work better than expected? Let's hear 'em!
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This is off the wall, but I have the Unabridged Oxford English Dictionary on top of my CDP, and it does seem to focus the sound better. Tons of one liners I could add here, but I'll spare you.