2.0 Stereo speakers on a $2000 budget?

After finding this forum and looking around here, I'm not sure anyone has a budget. WOW! $35,000 speakers!
But, is there any advise someone could give me? I want to get a pair of good stereo speakers for $2000 or less.
I have a new NAD C 356BEE integrated amp. As well as a 30 something year old NAD 1020B pre-amp and 2200 power amp. I can use a vinyl source with the 1020B or other analog with both the 1020B and the C 356BEE. I had a Thorens turntable with a Lynn tonearm and cartridge but it got lost after the divorce.
My living room is 14' X 21' X 8' high. I like all kinds of music. Some of it pretty loud.
Help would be greatly appreciated or maybe I should just move along.
Thank you.
The ProAc jumps out at me right away as interesting choice.

speakers I have heard and liked with that NAD amp or close relative:

-Vandersteen 1c
Dynaudio Audience (82 and 122 both available now on Agon used)
-B&W 683 S2
-Focal Chorus 726

note these are all very different sounding speakers but had their charms with NAD power.

other intriguing suggestions mentioned in this thread that I have heard but not with your NAD amp:

-Monitor Audio Silver 8 (Full Disclosure I own some MA speakers now and like them a lot)
-PSB Imagine tower
-Magnepan MMG's plus SVS subs (very intriguing idea)

for that matter, SVS sub(s) with any synergistic stand mount speaker like B&W CM-5, Monitor Audio Silver S2, KEF LS50, Dynaudio Excite X18, others?

There are some Revel Perfoma F32's on Agon now for $2K which strikes me as a good deal, but not sure of match with your NAD amp.

A suggestion on the NAD no matter what speakers you end up with, scrap the stock metal jumpers between the Preamp "out" and power amp "in" on the back, and replace them with decent 0.5m interconnects. Might even help tame Klipsch's treble a bit.

Magnepan has their own "bass reinforcement panels" they want you to use instead of a sub

not clear if they add any freq. extension or just SPL at freq.s that their speakers already reach
Active version of  KEF LS50 called the  LS50 Wireless is coming out, it's going to be game changing.
get a pair of Audioengine's HD6 and be done with it.
Vandersteen is a solid recommendation unless you listen to classical music.  I did not like my 2CE sigs for orchestral works.  There are so many great speakers out there in this price range.  Check out Monitor Audio, JBL 580/590, Focals.  Can't really go wrong with used Revel's either except the box/packing they use has never been great, so a good chance of getting dinged by UPS/Fedex.
How about Sonus Faber Chameleons?  Any owners care to comment on them?