12au7 rolling - Radiotechnique v Mullard v ?

After much tweaking, I’m fairly pleased with my system which includes a tube preamp w/solid state amp (100% Class A). The tube preamp (Response Audio Bellamax) with two La Radiotechniques 12AU7/WA (6189) offers great tone, dynamics, resolution and a tight bass. I’m wondering if it’s possible to preserve those traits and add a bit more body to the vocals. I’m considering purchasing Mullard M8136’s or CV4003’s but I’m wondering if the bass will become bloated or lose dyanamics. Has anybody compared Radiotechiques (14mm plate) with the Mullards?
Mallards should work great however it depends on the circuit you will just have to try.Good luck.

I changed the 2 front tubes on my Primaluna Dialogue HP amp to CV4003s from the stock tubes and they work fine.  Hard to do and A/B comparison on something like this though.