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  Large soundstage at 2 ft distance?
What I want essentially are bookshelf speakers with as large a sound stage as possible. The placement is from 2 ft away and 3ft apart. Amp is Boston Acoustic avr721 receiver. 120 watts per solid. Needs to be magnetically shielded as they will be close to my monitor.

Looking to stay under $500. Used preferred.

Davidandrewway  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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05-17-09   A small pair of tannoy dual concentrics may be your best bet ...   Face

05-17-09   Tannoy dc4? i have a sub.   Davidandrewway

05-17-09   Sorry. i mean reveal 6 i suppose?   Davidandrewway

05-17-09   Mirage omd-15 or os3-sat . you will get an enormous, deep ...   Johnnyb53

05-18-09   The omd-15 looks like a killer little speaker. a bit too muc ...   Davidandrewway

05-18-09   you mean the omd-5, right? (the omd-15 is a floorstander.) ...   Johnnyb53

05-18-09   Lol the 15 link goes to 5 so yes the 5 is what i was referri ...   Davidandrewway

05-18-09   I think the x-omni is probably the best speaker for the $$ r ...   Davidandrewway

05-18-09   You may want to rethink the omni approach. omni's, bipoles, ...   Biznus97

05-19-09   i've been living with mirage omnisats and later omd-15s for ...   Johnnyb53

05-19-09   I can place the speakers as much as 7 ft apart and 2-3 ft fr ...   Davidandrewway

05-19-09   Plus, mirage is at bb now!!! kiss of death that. i appreciat ...   Davidandrewway

05-19-09   I think that the hsu hb1 mk2 needs to be mentioned too. look ...   Davidandrewway

05-19-09   Davidandrewway, i'm having trouble making sense of your resp ...   Johnnyb53

05-19-09   I understand your points. they are valid. my thought is that ...   Davidandrewway

05-21-09   looks like the hb1 mk2s are a great choice as well, and you' ...   Johnnyb53

05-29-09   Um, the hsu hb1 mk2 are fantastic speakers. detail level, sp ...   Davidandrewway

05-30-09   Go to a pro audio forum and look for nearfield monitors   Keithr

05-30-09   I unclear on your requirements? are you looking for a books ...   Br3098

05-30-09   I cleared the idea with hsu before i bought them. i built a ...   Davidandrewway

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