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The best speaker you ever heard?
fritz carbon 7's are the best ive heard
Zu Omen or Tekton Lore
trying to decide between the m-lore and lore for a guest room approx 14x16... will be using a 40w idecco, about 75% movies 25% music... wondering how the bass is on the m-lore and . . .
Merlin TSM comparisons
It's just a type of crossover, I'm sure Fritz can explain that better than I can. Lots of info if you search 'series crossover' on Google too
Top ten tube preamps
i'd go with ARC/CJ
Review: Tube Audio Design TAD-60 Tube amp
anyone using EH 6CA7 with their TAD-60? if so how are the results
Class "D" amp? I do not have a clue. Do you?
They're awesome. I wasn't a believer until I heard them for myself (Bel Canto S300 & Wyred4Sound ST500). I always thought class D would sound very shrill/digital/thin, but that's . . .
Monitor speaker that will stop the Quest?
fritz carbon 7's
Obscure companies making excellent speakers?
Fritz speakers, amazing monitors
Transmission line speakers
pmc is great
Remodel complete, now dialing it in
gorgeous setup and excellent choice of equipment, love your watch too, seems like you're living the life
Speakers for Rock Music
fritz carbon 7's
Emotiva vs. some bigger boys
Wyred 4 Sound amps sound much better than Emotiva. My friend owns both, it's no comparison, the W4S is actually musical, the Emotiva is just globs of power but dull sounding
Class D amp wyred4sound and B&W 803D
the W4S and even newer Bel canto models have a very tube-like sound with great bass control and extension i know it's taboo to call a digital amp warm, but you must really try it . . .
Best speakers for about $2000 a pair
Easily the Fritz Carbon 7's. Do yourself a favor and at least give him a call. I recently picked his $1700 Carbon 7's over the Totem Forest, Proac Response 1.5, B&W Nautilus 805. . .
2k$ speakers that meet my criteria?
Everything you named just screams Fritz Carbon 7's to me. They are on the warm side with an incredibly rich and lush sound. Many speakers I've heard that are warm, sacrifice detail. . .
fritz loudspeakers
i'm going to be demo'ing some carbon 7's soon against my b&w 805's
Finally saved 3000 what is a good setup.
go with fritz carbon 7 monitors and spend the rest on an integrated, krell is what i used, it'll be the best bang for your buck, the carbon 7's are giant killers
Need efficient floor-stander for 2a3
tekton s-lore
Bookshelf speakers with the good bass.
do yourself a favor and contact Fritz the carbon 7's are the best monitors ive ever heard under $4k
How good is Emotiva 2 channel gear??
ive had both upa-2 and xpa-2... great power and low/high extension, bass is probably the strong point, very tight and controlled... however, the midrange was severely lacking in my. . .
Totem speakers and others that I should consider?
+1 to sleepless, ive had the forests in the past and they are relatively bright speakers, listening fatigue was an issue for me as well, totem makes good speakers in general but . . .
Home Depot speaker cable, which one to buy
Google White Lightning Cable
Have you heard of EMOTIVA?
i've had emotiva amps before... i would get them for HT due to the nice bass, but not for music, they are not musical at all, the midrange is uninvolving/dull, among many other . . .
Primare I30 vs Krell KAV 400xi
anyone else care to comment on these two? i'm looking for more info on the primare i30
Best Dac with USB input for $1,000 or less
havana is overrated imo too id get a peachtree decco2 or nova
Wyred for Sound DAC 2 or Peachtree Nova
I'm dying to know if the W4S or EE sound better than the Peachtree
Ascend Sierra 1 Reference vs. Era D5
try the sierra-1's, they offer 30-day returns.. nothing to lose except shipping
B&W 805D stands? Experience?
go with a VTI stand and fill it with stand, best bang for buck
ProAc vs Totem vs Usher, please comment
thanks for the response but i would REALLY appreciate if people didnt recommend other speakers, i am sticking to my plan, just need some advice on what i've listed thanks
Best preamp for $1000 or less with remote
peachtree nova is a good choice if you could use the DAC also, pre out to the xpa-2 would sound great
Best shipper for 200lb amp?
what about for international air freight? pilot air as well
mbl 101e vs 116f vs 111f
thanks for the responses 111f is looking good right now thoughts on mcintosh components w/ the 111f? MC501's + C50
Best earbuds/earphones
i used to be big on earphones and headphones before moving into speakers depending on your budget, i'd look into the shure se530 or westone 3 for cheaper options, the klipsch x10. . .
Bel Canto S300 driving Gallo 3.1s
reversed polarity
Odyssey Kismet Reference Speakers-
Congratulations on your new speakers. Odyssey Audio may be one of the best values in Hifi
Cardas Clear USB cable... anyone tried it?
Has anyone ever tried a Locus Design USB cable
Solid state preamp warm up time?
i leave all my SS gear on 24/7 unless i know i wont be listening for a few days
any reasons NOT to buy a peachtree nova?
well, i do have an external amp already, i'll just be buying it for the dac/pre.. would it better to go w/ separates
Fritz Carbon 7's vs. Dynaudio 1.3SE
the carbon 7's are nothing short of amazing, they're simply unbeatable at the price they sell at, easily competes with (and defeats) much more expensive speakers they are truly . . .
DAC Magic or MF V-DAC?
PS Audio DLIII is a good choice
best speakers for wyred 4sound sti- 500
Emerald Physics + Wyred 4 Sound is an excellent match, talk to Walter @ Underwood HiFi. Martin Logan/Magnepan also works well with class D
Looking for a new SS integrated amp for B&W 805S
I'd go tubes w/ the B&W 805S
Gopher's low watt progression
I would love to hear your thoughts on the EE DAC
fritz carbon 7 vs gallo starda's
Can't speak for the Gallo's, but for me, the Carbon 7's are the best monitors I've heard under $4000, and I've heard a lot. Relatively speaking, I would call it's sound warm, so if. . .
love my ARC LS7.. but need remote, suggestions?
thanks for the suggestions ill look into those
intermittent static out of one channel?
i swapped speaker cables and the static went to the left channel
Musical Speakers
Everyone is just going to post their favorites, we can't make this decision for you, you need to go listen to as many speakers as possible
Sonus Faber Concerto upgrade?
Look for local audio shops and demo as many brands as you can. What do you like/dislike about the SF's? it's hard to recommend anything without knowing any of your preferences for. . .
Which Rel sub for Audio Physic
For music or HT? Either way, for $700, I'd go with a used R205 or R305 if you can find one that cheap
Five spkr choices Your pick?
If you can stretch your budget, it's my opinion that the Carbon 7's are absolutely unbeatable for the price. I've heard many many monitors and nothing comes close to the . . .
creek classic 5350se
Yes, Creek and Naim are ideal choices for Harbeth
ive heard 9.1 diamonds, amazing bang for buck, my friend picked up a pair for only $100 off ebay
The best used, high quality moniter $1000 budget
fritz carbon 7's a bit over your budget, but well worth it, definitely a giant-killer otherwise check out ascend sierra-1's for under $1000
2 channel PC system
so did you think the cyro usb cable made a difference
Almost Audio Nirvana for me anyway!
beautiful setup, love the stand, can't go wrong with proac's
Need advise for 7.1 system speakers
I'd go with Energy or PSB for best value
groovy kind of love - who sings this version?
thanks redcaphifi, i looked into it and i believe you are correct
AVI ADM9.1 vs. Peachtree Nova + Joseph Audio RM7Si
Just curious, where can you still find the RM7si and for how much? I thought they were replaced by the RM7XL? Either way, those are great speakers.. I think they won Stereophile . . .