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Celtic66 on popular topics

Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
Mary Stallings, "Live, From the Village Vangaurd". Etta James

Which components knocked you out on first listen?
Original Martin Logan CLS IIs with VTL monoblocks. Yes

James Randi vs. Anjou Pear - once and for all
The earth is flat I tell you!! I've seen it with mine own eyes

How much money do you want to waste?
And as we classically know, there is absolutely no aeronautical reason why bumble bees can fly....but they do

How do I smooth out violins?'s mostly the preamp. A Manley Shrimp or Jumbo would definitively help. Love the Spendors and McCormick, ..

Vintage Denon Direct Drive Turntable
A rare thing indeed when a direct drive table will sound even with a belt drive. I and a friend both owned "Big ..