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Decware - any substance here?
Several years ago, I bought a Decware 34I to replace my Audible illusions 3A and Belles Hot Rod amp. The 34I was so much more involving and i found myself stuck in front of my . . .
What is the affect of cd player?
The overall affect of the CD player has to do with the kind of amp and the speakers you have. I used a Cary 308T player with a $400 sub/satellite combo and that combo sounded the . . .
jolida 202 or 302?
I used to have the 102 and the 302 and I agree with the previous reviewer that the sound of the 102 is really nice and that is IMO due to the EL84 tube but, the amp still sounded . . .
Music Hall MMF 7.1 Turntable. Good choice?
I would encourage you to hear the Rega or the Music Hall first and decide what you like. If you have, the best bang for the money is the P3 or the MMF-7 in these lines. They are . . .
Rogue Titan vs Tempest
I had the Cronus and now have the Tempest. The Cronus has more spank, more forward delivery and sweeter in the mids. (It uses EL34s.) The Tempest (stock version) sounds lighter but. . .