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  Does UPS ever open and inspect packages?
Lately, I have had a couple instances where I have shipped a practically mint item via UPS only to find out from the recepient that the item looked as if it had been taken apart or inpected. This happened most recently with a power cable. Again, it wasn't damaged per se, but it wasn't in the same condition that it was originally sent either. Cable was well packaged btw...

So, my question is (maybe a UPS employee can pipe in here) does UPS do any kind of a random package inspection? I can see where some of the weird stuff that we audiophiles ship around could fall under the area of "suspicious" at times, especially in this day and age (and especially if they x-ray random packages??), so I wondered if this was a possiblity.
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07-13-06: Roccl007
Don't know if they opened it but they could damaged it for sure.....
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