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  Crossover component upgrade, DUELUND????
I am in the process of researching the components in my Dunlavy IVa speakers and have narrowed my choices down to two companies. I am looking at Mundorf M-CAP SUPREME and M-CAP DILVER FOIL IN OIL caps. I am also looking at Mundorf for the MOX resistors.

The second company I am looking at is Duelund Coherent Audio. They make a GRAPHITE RESISTOR specifically designed for crossovers. They are able to build the resistor specifically to replace my speakers parallel resistor values with one component rather than the 2-4 pieces presently used. This will (somewhat)help offset the very high price point for these resistors. These are sold through Part ConnecXion and factory direct. I have been speaking to the factory and we are also discussing their very different design for capacitors. I am presently waiting to hear back on the cost for the values I require.

While I wait, I was hoping that someone might have some experience with these products. I am very impressed with the design concept behind both the graphite resistors and the flat foil capacitors.

Jadem6  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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03-01-09: Dgarretson
Duelund graphite resistors blew away Caddock MP820s in my Merlins. Very transparent without stridency after break-in. Claritycap MR is also fine in xover, if you have the space for it. Similar to claims made by Duelund, the MR series is constructed to minimize internal resonance. AFAIK, these are the only two manufacturers making this point.

I'm also making a pass through my xover and am curious what internal wire you plan to use.

Dgarretson  (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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