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  Dared MC-7P optimal tubes
Have one of these now and it is amazing. Stock 12ax7 tubes were way too soft so I popped a matched pair of Tung-Sol and a pair of Philips in place. Sound became WIDE and more accurate. Swapping the 5u4 with a NOS RCA improved inner detailing and removed muddiness in the bass and midbass. It's getting amazingly accurate for its modest price, esp. with cellos where it almost totally nails the timbre.

It sounds like it oscillates just a smidge (you really got to listen hard for this) and a tidge of sibilance remains.

So before I spring for a real set of good tubes, what combinations have found success in this low-cost wonder?

Matching it to a restored/upgraded McIntosh MC-2100 (toroid transformer, regulator in front end, caps, wiring, etc.). Input Z on the 2100 is now 100k fixed instead of 50k variable.
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11-21-09   I have the mc-7p with only the 5z3p swapped with a nos rca 5 ...   Marcopolo_eg

11-24-09   The first 2 (on the left) are the preamp tubes. the last two ...   Vetnik

11-24-09   Nikos, i suggest that you call the distributor and make sure ...   Casouza

11-26-09   thank you very much casouza, very useful info... nikos   Vetnik

01-10-10   Sound is everything. settled now on mullard 12at7's in place ...   Inline_phil

07-16-10   Finally put the preamp on the bench to see what the heck thi ...   Inline_phil

07-16-10: Inline_phil
BTW, the remote is acting up. The antenna is a wirewound bundle that is sensitive to orientation (left/right, up/down, front/back) and when I move it, results swing from unresposive to strange orienting remote positions. Any suggestions?
Inline_phil  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

07-17-10   Phil, usually the feedback resistor is the one connected bet ...   Casouza

04-21-11   Can anyone tell me what the output impedence is of this dare ...   Hawk28

09-18-11   I also looked all over the place for this info as i want to ...   Mark3d

01-20-12   I just got a used mc-7p yesterday, it sounds very promising. ...   Ivanhoe42day

01-22-12   I have started a thread at diy audio to see what others have ...   Ivanhoe42day

03-21-12   Thanks mark3d.   Hawk28

04-11-12   Based on the above commentary regarding gain, i'm assuming i ...   Hawk28

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