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Von Schweikert VR-4
Thanks, LoomisI did bite the bullet and get the VS's. They are incredible, especially for classical music, but they lack the low end punch of the PSB. I'm going to hang on to both for now, though. 
Beck "Sea Change"Dead Can Dance "Spiritchaser"Dead Can Dance "Spleen and Ideal"Chris Joss "Momomaniacs Volume 1"The Grassy Knoll "Electric Verdeland Vol 1" (MP3 only) 
North Carolina Audio Club
I see the last response was from almost two years ago. Is there any renewed interest in this? None of my friends are as passionate about music as me, and neither is my wife. 
Von Schweikert VR-4
Thanks for the replies. My current speakers are PSB Stratus Golds, so I'm not sure the VS's will necessarily be an improvement. You may now wonder why I'm even looking in the first place. Well, other than the typical audiophile's insatiable need t... 
Music for "Tough Times"
Beck's Sea Change 
Amp for PSB Stratus Gold
I drive mine with dual Adcom GFA-2535's bridged to mono. I'm a little skeptical of this configuration because Adcom warns that, in bridged mode, they should not be used for speakers with less than 6 ohms impedance. Furthermore, those PSB's can dip...