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Bryston Announces NEW BDP-2 / BDA-2
I has opportunity to audition them... and they were fantastic. In fact they outperformed the new linn akurate ds1, by quite a margine... with the density and thickness of the overall sound quality. Of course the system was all bryston and dealer t... 
Linn majik ds + mark levinson 360 vs akurate ds
Thank you Larry.. exact answer i was looking for.. i have tried different sort of transports for digital streaming from normal pc to alix, squeezebox, denon, marantz, cambridge.. and I came to a understanding that although dac is the important fac... 
Linn majik ds + mark levinson 360 vs akurate ds
Thank you all for your inputsm I am sorta in difficult position to do the audition for comparison. You said the sound is different... could you please elaborate a little more.. I know how ML sounds.. but never had experiences with Linn. Thx 
PMC OB1 & Mark Levinson 23.5+26s combo
Thank you very much Danny, for your comment.. Original PMC ob1 (not i series) is very power hungry 3 way speaker, with the reputation of difficult to maneuver bad a$$. However once the right amp is connected it reveals its full potential of extrem...