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Dedicated Line Advise
Nothing special involved. I put two dedicated lines in myself. Very easy to do. I also used 12awg Romex. If you are not familiar with electrical wiring, get the electrician you used before to run another.  
If you won the power ball tomorrow night would you
I'm going to have to wait for it to reach 900 million before I buy a ticket. :) 
What vintage speaker might you use today
JBL L100t 
Schiit Bifrost Multibit option
Wow... I don't know why, but I actually understood what he was talking about.I guess it's true, an old dude can learn if he obsesses and reads enough about a subject. I will be sending my Bifrost in for the upgrade very soon. 
Are you happy with Windows 10 Pro?
It would all depend on some of the programs you are using on your W7 right now. I have a desktop with W7 that I use older versions of Photoshop on and refuse to upgrade to W10 because I'm not sure if the older programs will still work. I have a la... 
modwright Sony 999es platinum truth.
I had the exact same CDP and I found that it played most SACD's but not all. Try another SACD and see if it will play that one. 
Some Musical Truths
"More is all you need" Metallica. 
StarSound Sistrum racks
Chayro... do they come in colors other than black? :) 
USB A to B Cable to MDC DAC from PC
Belkin Pro series is a very good cable. And it won't break the bank. As far as transmission loss... 15 ft isn't long enough to diminish the signal. Good luck in your search. 
Industrial grade steel storage rack as audio rack?
I wouldn't recommend it. It looks very thin and harmonic from the pictures. 
You know you're an audiophile if--
You can talk in depth with great detail on equipment you've never heard. 
DAC question
Schitt Bifrost is a great DAC. Get the Gen2 and Uber outs. 
Anyone heard/compared the Steven Wilson...
I have the Aqualung remix and was astounded at the sound quality. I also have a nice selection of Porcupine Tree recordings (some in 24/96) that never disappoint.Steve has albums under his own name that are truly enjoyable also. He is a true maste... 
Audiogon etiquette question
If the ad can still be viewed, the item is still available. Like Viridian said, make an offer. 
The most dynamic & transparent bookshelf
I believe I mentioned the Helium2. I paid $400 for a mint pair.