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Have you ever been blocked by an E seller here?
Happened twice to me in the exact same circumstances even though I was polite amd respectful in the private inmail.Audiogon support staff quickly remedied it after some basic Q&A and investigation.+1 on also never thinking about them as a pote... 
Esoteric K-01/K-03 Owners
I think the only chance of getting hold of this old driver update is to get in touch with Esoteric. I just checked my laptop and I did not save a copy of the files that Esoteric sent me back in 2015; sorry about that.   
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
Legacy Caliber HD or XD with Wavelet delivers great sound, musicality and audiophile grade playback IMHO in a smaller footprint. You can also add subs as I have done. See my virtual system for details and PM me if you want more detail. 
Help me design for both music and TV around Legacy Audio's Wavelet + Aeris
The Wavelet accepts XLR ANALOG audio input!!!  It has 2 sets of them.  I am on my 2nd Wavelet setup and use it exclusively with XLR inputs from DACs and preamps... 
Legacy audio Focus se and tubes
Check with Legacy and see what the impedance curve is. As I recall is does have a dip in certain bass frequencies with the rest of the range being a nominal 4-ohm load. Bill and the team will get you the most accurate info. You should also get spe... 
Digital Room Correction For Speakers
Legacy Wavelet which at full use is a DAC, pre-amp and RoomEQ is an outstanding example.  It can also be utilized only as a RoomEQ device with your own DAC and Pre-amp in front of it.  I've used it twice now with 2 generations of Legacy speakers w... 
Audiogon forums and other transitions given focus on dealers and vendors
"...confirmed your claims with scientifically valid double-blind listening tests?" challenges and demands for data. Often, these posts come from those who don’t even know what constitutes a proper scientific listening test. And they derail the con... 
Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under
I've used the Wavelet at various points with Aeris as DAC, Preamp as well as RoomEQ but did find that my Esoteric D-02 and C-02 preamp had advantages overall so I utilized the Wavelet for its best in class (IMHO) RoomEQ.  Either way you cannot go ... 
Audiogon forums and other transitions given focus on dealers and vendors
Agreed....great feedback saudio, I and many like us from what I understand share the same frustrations! 
Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under
@trknomo  See my system thread https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/5078 for details of the path forward and what I have today from Legacy that also rocks out extremely well! 
Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under
Legacy Aeris with Wavelet definitely rocks out with authority then you can turn around and throw in the most delicate string or other work and it does that too!  Two years I owned them and was constantly amazed with their versatility.... 
Legacy Aeris and amplification.
Pictures of new Legacy speaker project and system up and running here at the house posted yesterday here;https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/5078 
Funny question, 170lb speaker and foam base, how to remove?.
8.5 feet apart and sitting 10 feet back with ample breathing room for speakers at the head end is a great config, all should work out great for you. I’ve not integrated Wavelet and Aeris or Wavelet and other things into a home theater related syst... 
Greenville SC / Hendersonville-Asheville NC areas
Thank you jafant...if you ever make it up from Alabama, you are always welcome! 
What’s a 10k to 15k speaker from smaller company that performs well?
Legacy Aeris (used) with Wavelet or Focus SE or XD (semi-active uses Wavelet) are worthy contenders and are at a whole different level of play compared to Signature SE.Agree with others who have named Joseph Audio, Daedalus and Rosso Fiorentino (S...