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Emotiva XPA-5 vs. Parasound A51?
Having heard both amps in more than a few systems I'll tell you why it is not a 'no-brainer' (shouldn't we, at least have experienced/listened to the amps before declaring it a no-brainer?) The XPA is a good value, has plenty of power for demandin... 
Anthonyn Cordesman on Edward Snowden
07-05-13: Rok2idThe two greatest examples of sticking our nose where it does not belong, are both World Wars. First we provoke both Japan and Germany, then we help destroy both countries. Killing hundreds of thousands in the process. Mostly civili... 
Audio room floor question
You do not want to put any wood in contact with concrete. Plastic vapor barrier, filled with holes, will not prevent the wood from quickly rotting. Sleepers over sill seal, then you could put the plywood on the sleepers. This would eat up precious... 
Odyssey Khartago vs. C. Johnson's 2250A??
Ray,Nobody should buy an amp because of specs. Usually, you would buy an amp to power speakers. Your speakers are going to require an amp of certain power, current, impedence and a host of other specifications to perform at their best.I left 2 cli... 
Audio room floor question
I'm sure they put a vapor barrier under the concrete with the 'in floor' heating present. Any hard flat surface will reflect the sound waves rather than absorb and create distortion so the rugs should tame some of that.Plan your room before sealin... 
Gallo SA3 amp
Doggiehowser Perhaps another option (out of the box) is to use an Emotiva preamp with sub out (and use a regular power amp to drive the second coil.I was thinking the same thing 
Odyssey Khartago vs. C. Johnson's 2250A??
Hi Ray,Perhaps light years is a little strong. Check out the specifications for each and you will see the difference.CJ MF2500KhartagoI'll bet the Khartago would sound pretty good in place of your MF2500. 
sound at the record store
I have no problem with crappy sound in any store, I'm used to it. This is a hobby for most of us, he is in the sales business and if it doesn't contribute to the bottom line... I won't let Anyone play any of my records. 
Audio room floor question
flooring thread 
Odyssey Khartago vs. C. Johnson's 2250A??
I should have prefaced my post with fact that I do not have unlimited funds so value is important to me. If money were no object I would be perfectly happy with either assuming it integrated well with the system. I thought the Khartago was very ni... 
DJ Cartridges - have you tried it?
I have a KAB modded Stanton Trackmaster. It is an integrated headshell cartridge w/ a NOS Stereohedron stylus. It's a big reality check as to what makes up a cartridge. This thing is superb and has the midrange of a $1500 moving coil.Psychicanimal... 
Need Advice on Checking Stylus
I would start by looking online at the thousands of good pictures of magnified stylus and get familiar with what the different tips look like in various conditions. Your 50x should serve you well in any preliminary examination. 
Odyssey Khartago vs. C. Johnson's 2250A??
As an exercise in engineering the Khartago is lightyears ahead of the CJ. How that translates into your needs or how it "sounds" in your system is very subjective. 
Creedence Clearwater Revival - John Foggarty
Cosmos Factory was ground breaking Fogerty. 
Anthonyn Cordesman on Edward Snowden
Check mark Macrojack.99% of the people on this planet that want us and our next 10 generations to die a long and painful death would not even know we exist if it wasn't for our expansionist, meddling foreign policies. Because we opened our shore t...