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Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
BTW- Best of recent vintage...how could I forget.. I don't really like their music but.... U-2 Madison Square Garden right after 9-11.. very emotional...just what the City needed..they delivered 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
I wish I could remember the dates- but from the late 60's Muddy Waters/Chicago. Aerosmith Cape cod Coliseum. Rush, of course. Chuck Berry has to be there and Paul Mc Cartney rocked Foxboro Mass in the early 90'sSo many but those were all some of m... 
Bi-amp Vandy 2's
Does anyone have a copy of the Vandy Model 2 manual (serial # 13866&7) oldie's but goodie's- They don't have it on the Vandy site _ which is a pretty lame site BTW. Other than the fact that you can correspond with Richard. 
Bi-amp Vandy 2's
I didn't state I wanted to do it, I was curious if anyone had and what thier experience was. So many people swear by bi-amping, I figured someone must have tried the Vandy's. I personally am content bi-wired. 
Survey-What is your most used source?
75% digital music station 25% cd 
Hum- help needed
Try an outlet on a different circuit (not just another outlet))