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Mcintosh 7270, impedance with Martin Logan Request.
I wouldn’t be surprised if your ML’s dipped down to 2 ohms at spots- I would probably go with the 2 ohm, but I’d also listen at 4 ohm and see which I preferred. Recall, the 4 ohm rating is ’nominal’ and really doesn’t tell you anything of the impe... 
How many of us are truly satisfied with their systems?
A madman?  Thank you!! 
What brand was better than it is today?
Definitely Marantz-  
What’s your vote for the most ridiculous, overpriced, and useless tweak?
Tice clock? First time I saw it- in a store in NYC, I thought it was a gag. Peter Belt's stuff is in the realm of voodoo, IMO. Cable lifts? If that's your thing, a good hardware store can sell you rebar separators that work perfectly as cable lift... 
What is a lowball offer? How low is low?
The 16LS2 is an older preamp, long out of production. Offer what you like. It's your money, and it's up to the seller to say yes or no. You have no downside. Frankly, the idea of a low offer being an insult is a little silly in my opinion. It's no... 
I Recapped my Conrad Johnson PFR. Wow! Some of the best $$$ I've spent
Sometimes a more expensive part is a better part. At other times a more expensive part is just a more expensive part.  
Is it time in your hobby to build a speaker kit?
DIY is great stuff! I've built a few tube amps, and enjoyed doing that quite a bit 
How far have ss amps really come in the last twenty years?
Where I think amps have advanced the most are in the realm of modestly priced amps. Expensive amps 20 years ago already sounded excellent but budget amps 20 years ago never let you forget they were budget amps. It’s in this area where I think grea... 
From tubes back to SS?
I went from tubes- Conrad Johnson then to Rogue Audio then to Pass Labs. Zero regrets. Been listening through Pass gear for maybe 7 or 8 years now and I have no desire to use tubes again-  
Preventive maintenance or wait till it breaks?
Bryston service is excellent. I've had an amp repaired- the turn around time was amazing. I also had a preamp refurbished- at no charge.  
All the old issues of Stereo Review are online!!
wow oh wow! excellent 
Preventive maintenance or wait till it breaks?
I am fortunate- I do have access to top notch niche technicians. For instance- I live relatively close to Audio Classics and they are my go to for Mac service I will only use top people specialized in the gear that I want work on  
Audio racks
A great rack is a thing of beautyI have been pleased with Sound Organisation and Solid Steel equipment standsThese of course are two unrelated matters  
My system has been stable since 2015- and I’m quite happy, with zero desire to change out anything.  
What are important features in a listening chair
Very happy with my Ekornes Stressless