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Room acoustics basics
I used the book Master Handbook of Acoustics. Loads of great information.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Esbjörn Svensson Trio  
Speaker Cable Recommendation
RAMM Audio OCC. Amazing cable at affordable prices.   
Need some help picking my first MC Cartridge
I started with the Hana SL and now have the ML. Love it.  
Questions on Dedicated 20 amp home wiring
I installed two 20 amp circuits. One for my Pass Labs XA 60.8 mono block amps and one for my pre amp, CD player, turntable, and other accessories. I used 10 gauge wire (not fun to pull and maybe overkill), audio grade receptacles and nothing speci... 
Turntable is the most expensive in the chain, do it make sense
It makes sense to me because it’s the best sounding part of my system.  
Can’t buy output tubes anywhere except from manufacturers at high prices.
You might try Eurotubes. www.eurotubes.com. I have bought many tube from them. Great people.  
Pass Labs XA30.8 vs XA60.8 moon blocks
The Chapman T7s are 4 ohm speakers with 90dB sensitivity   
Pass Labs XA30.8 vs XA60.8 moon blocks
@tomcy6 thank you for your response. I have Chapman T7 speakers which I recently had Stuart Chapman Jones rebuild/upgrade. They sound great on my XA30.8 amp. Imaging and sound stage are very good (depending on the recording of course).  
Suggestions for Phono Preamp
Gold Note. I have the PH-10 and PSU-10.   
I was happy with my system for 30 years; now I need a new amp...and more?
I was faced with the same thing with my 30 year old system. One thing lead to another and I ended up replacing everything except the speakers which I had rebuilt.   
Wayne's Audio Turntable Periphery Stabilizing Outer Ring
I second the super easy to use comment. Takes mere seconds.   
Wayne's Audio Turntable Periphery Stabilizing Outer Ring
I have one. It made a huge difference. Cupped albums are now dead flat. The sonic differences are noticeable. Worth every penny.   
If I wanted to make my own speaker cables, is this a good choice for wire?
RAMM audio OCC cable. Amazing.   
Best Phono Preamp mm/mc under $3500.00 used
Gold Note PH-10 with PSU-10 power supply.