Responses from z32kerber

What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
VPI Prime with Dynavector MC cart.  Regarding you first response - there’s always someone.  
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
The Audio Connection in Seattle.  
What should I expect moving from MM to MC?
@mucker with a phono preamp, you connect your TT into the inputs of your phono preamp. The outputs from your phono preamp go to a line stage input on your Denon. Not the phono inputs.   
Recommendations please!
The JJ 243 is a fantastic preamp within your budget.  
Mood lighting for listening
I’ve tried some LED lighting and the ones with a transformer created a nasty hum when turned on. Waste of money.  
For those of you who had spent over hundred thousand dollars for your sound system.
@ghdprentice My current system consists of: Pass Labs XA-30.8 amp JJ 243 tube preamp Pro-Ject X2 turntable with Hana SL MC cart Gold Note PS-10 and PSU-10 phono preamp Naim CD5SI Bluesound Node 2i with Topping D70S DAC Chapman T7 loudspea... 
For those of you who had spent over hundred thousand dollars for your sound system.
I have not spent huge $$ on my system. I have listened to systems costing far more and feel that mine sounds as good if not better. Yes, maybe I am prejudiced, but I know what my brain hears and how my emotions are affected by what’s coming out of... 
Are You Happy With Your Phono Preamp?
Gold Note PH10 and PSU10. Very happy.  
What Is Most Important?
@jasonbourne52 said it best. When I’m beamed up, every penny invested is money well spent.   
Cables recommendation
If you’re a DIYer, I highly recommend RAMM Audio OCC copper cables and connectors. They sound amazing. Not snake oil as some would have you believe.  
Turntable advice
I recently purchased the Gold Note PH-10 and PSU-10. So far I’m really liking it. Lots of settings for various carts. But having those settings available on the fly on the front of the unit is a huge plus.  
Are You Happy With Your Phono Preamp?
I just got the Gold Note PH-10 and PSU-10 and I’m ecstatic.   
MM, MC, or MI cartridge
I went from MM to MC and love it. Pro Ject X2. Sumiko Moonstone MM to Hana SL.   
a better interconnect cable
I too went with self made cables. I used Belden cable and Switchcraft connectors.   
What is your record cleaning regimen?
I use Vinyl Style with Spin Doctor fluid.