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Paradigm Personas: A First Listen
@urbie19 Are the Monitor Audio also great with animal sounds? 
DAC plus Preamp or DAC-Preamp or DAC-Volume Control ?
@reverendo The Mola Mola Makua is an excellent option and maybe a real superstar. I have been participating on a thread on Computer Audiophile about the Makua for maybe 3 years now. We were all waiting for the Makua DAC module and/or the Tambaqui ... 
Paradigm Persona 3 vs 5 vs Monitor Audio
Putin is likely behind some of these posts. 
Advice on Krell amplifier
@fast If I had a Paradigm Persona I think I would favor the Krell XD. I am actually considering that scenario for the Persona 9H for my downstairs. I wanted to put in a KEF Blade in that same space but may not be able to due to the side woofers. I... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Paul Weller - Wild Wood (listened to this about 10+ times in the last 2 weeks). 
Paradigm 3f, KEF reference 3, Monitor Audio PL300II
@urbie19 Any number of speakers can be thought as better than any other speaker. Depends on your hearing ability, your musical tastes, ROOM, equipment, mood, etc.There is no best speaker for everyone, maybe best of for each person.  
Stereophile mistakenly writes Mytek Review as dCS
If I were to get a ESS Sabre DAC it would be from these guys, There is important back history why their ESS DACs sound so great. https://www.resonessencelabs.com/shop/invicta-mirus/ Though I am leaning towards a R2R Denafriphs Terminator DAC. 
Advice on Krell amplifier
I would have thought the dealer would have also recommended the Coda # 8 for the KEF Reference 5's. 
Will Internet Distroy High End ?
My take away also includes more options on the lower to mid price side that 20 years ago would have been considered top tier gear. 
Kef Blade or Kef Blade Two for bigger room
@blueskywalker How about posting a photo of your setup on the A'gon Virtual System. I am curious as to how much side space you have for those side woofers. 
Joseph Audio Pulsar2 vs dynaudio confidence 20 vs tad-me1
It would depend on the room size. For my small room I was considering the TAD ME1 with Luxman. A great combo and not lean at all. Only reason I had a change of heart is that TAD raised the price again from $10K to $15K. That kind of stuff don't wo... 
Abbey Road 50th Anniversary
My room is acoustically treated with GIK panels. My Virtual System has photos. Prior to the panels I had difficulty listening to albums like Siamese Dream from the Pumpkins. A lot of bass on that. After the treatment no problem, even at high volum... 
Abbey Road 50th Anniversary
I noticed the bass bloat on my KEF LS50;s of all speakers. Hurt my ears on a few early tracks. I will stick with the other pressing on Tidal. 
High value, giant killer speakers?
Thiel CS 3.7  KEF Blade If I had the option I would take these 2 speakers over speakers that I have heard costing $75K+. Rather happy that my ears like the much lower cost reference gear. Unfortunately, I may not be able to find one (in a few mont... 
Soulution 511 vs. Luxman m900
@hiendmmoe Are you referring to the BAL LINE PHASE INV switch? http://www.luxman.com/product/detail.php?id=19 @almarg Would you mind expanding a little on your statement In that situation an alternative approach to achieving correct overall polari...