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What has been your most satisfying component?
Laugh all you want, but it's my old Pioneer 1250 receiver. 
Your vote: Most Useless Audio Adjective
Organic and 'bang for the buck"- not an adjective, but... 
Need advice on overall system
Tweak- You're right, I do tend to confer less importance on those things. I have anti cables and ICs, but no power conditioning or after market power cords. I never thought of them as basics and think it's more important to put the money into comp... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
I didn't read through all these posts, but here's mine;Wagner- "Flight of the Valkyries"Springsteen- "Thunder Road"Pink Floyd- "Wish You Were Here" 
Preamp recommendations up to $2000
I know i said I was leaning toward tubes, but does anyone have any experience with the Blue Circle BC 103 or CJ Premier 18LS? Thanks. 
Preamp recommendations up to $2000
LOL, No, I'm still here. I got more replies than I thought I would and am trying to research them all. I kindly thank everyone who has replied. As to my thoughts, I haven't formed any concrete ones yet. I wish I could go to $2500, but really can't... 
Repair question for Audio Note CD-2
I have contacted Nick. He requested photos which I provided. I haven't heard back yet. He seemed surprised it wasn't the tube. Very nice man.Please continue providing alternate theories.Thank you. 
The best sounding FM Tuner is.....
Joeylawn36111- It does have a tendency to do that. There's only a couple strong stations near me. It's pretty good on those. As for the others, I just chalked it up to the weak signals/subpar antenna. Also, I have no idea when it was aligned last. 
The best sounding FM Tuner is.....
I own a Marantz 2110. I live in an apartment and can't hook up a decent antenna. I'm using an old car antenna and the reception is great. I don't know what this means, if anything.