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Better Records Hot Stampers: Or, how I learned to stop collecting and love listening
Gotta say--after some good/bad experiences with Discogs--what a crap shoot--i went to Better Records--i've only bought 2--one Hot and one White Hot--and honestly i couldn't tell the difference between those two classifications but both were absolu... 
Better Sounding Systems, Objectivists or Subjectivists?
i agree it's not a serious question--"better sound" is in the ear of the beholder regardless of how they arrive at it, but i would think whichever of them is stoned gets the "better sound"  
Introspective of this forum: "Does the Audiophile Community Have a Promlem?" I Say yes!!!
If the intent here is to raise awareness in people who behave badly well, good luck with that--i've already seen in this thread that some of the worst offenders have no clue that this thread might just apply to them.  It would seem that arrogance ... 
Dustcover Blues
Mike--you say the bass frequency response is pretty much the same all along the TT shelf--is the bass response pretty much the same all along the left wall?  or could you possibly slide the entire cabinet one way or the other to find a bass null a... 
What song have you played the most?
Spanish Moon--Little Feat - Waiting For Colombus 
Returning to Vinyl
@hickamore:   Vinylengine is another good website with a database on TT's, tonearms and cartridges & specs 
Returning to Vinyl
As some have said, not essential-just convenient; however, you don't need a machine if you follow this advice on record cleaning:Neil Antin's paper is thorough and evaluates all types of machines--but his process does not involve anything but easi... 
8-Tracks and Open-Reels: Who’s Got ‘Em and Whatcha Got?
@undefined:  Who is the "independent record label that releases only on open reel tape" ? 
8-Tracks and Open-Reels: Who’s Got ‘Em and Whatcha Got?
If you recorded your own cassettes then yes, better than 8 track--but IMO prerecorded 8T better than most prerecorded cassettes mainly b/c of tape speed.  I have cassettes recorded on Nak cr-4A which is still in my system but the tapes haven't rea... 
8-Tracks and Open-Reels: Who’s Got ‘Em and Whatcha Got?
@oldhvymec:   Ahh the good old days when we could drink and fix anything--ok, maybe not well but make it work.  Up until about 10 years ago i kept a Realistic 8 track player in my system just because i had a bunch of 8 track tapes i liked--i disag... 
RMAF is no more
What !!!!  Is there a link to this announcement?  I can believe cancelled for this year but why would they just dump the whole thing for the future?  And who's in charge of determining that ?! 
Everybody’s Top 5 - Vinyl
@tomic601   Our lists have 3 in common--would be a tough choice but i might substitute Van Cliburn and the Chicago Symphony doing Tchaikovsky/Rachmaninoff and I would sub Brothers in Arms for Eva although lacking a female vocalist is tough 
Will the placement of casters on speaker stands degrade the performance
@johnspain--I faced the same problem with a pair of Rockports and used casters under thick mdf just to move--they locked as jjss49 said--when i found the location they sounded best i removed the mdf with casters and put symposium acoustics platfor... 
What phono preamp are you using?
Probably can't go wrong with any of them--i have the Herron purchased last year and Keith gave me a deal--call him 
Looking for a new phono preamp
Hopefully Keith gave you a deal--he did for me 8 months ago and i couldn't be happier with the Herron--replaced a MS Phonomena II although i didn't have the linear power supply so perhaps didn't give it enough credit--disagree that the Herron does...