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How Science Got Sound Wrong
I doubt he has any hearing left anyway--especially after all those sessions with Crazy Horse--i suppose i could cut him some slack and interpret his rants as being solely about compression of dynamic range in digital?  Nah, even though i like his ... 
How Science Got Sound Wrong
Amusing but i'm worn out--my IQ must be below 100.  Attempting to distill all of this down to its essence i conclude that no one has really refuted atdavid's argument--which i have further distilled down to: "Neil Young is full of s**t"--well, hec... 
Bespoke Loudspeaker Company
Not at all--you threw the bait--the fish wolfed it down and we all learned something new--the real speaker industry conspiracy is making sure there are not roving bands of crossover tuners going about and making all speakers sound exactly the same ! 
Has anyone seen this? A really beautiful turntable
The only review i read (on Positive Feedback) claims that the wobble disappears once you get the table perfectly level.  That reviewer also unnecessarily advocated upgrading cart, PC and interconnects.  Mag-Lev's website says 30 day money back gua... 
Most annoying song, period.
@rockysantoro--you should have said any song by Bobby Goldsboro! 
Most annoying song, period.
@rockysantoro--OP didn't ask for most annoying albums but if he had "Frampton Comes Alive" would also have been at the top of my list--i wonder how it sounds played backwards ?  Won't ever know cause thankfully i don't own it !!! 
Most annoying song, period.
@royv101621:  My favorite juke box prank:Repeat until your $5.00 of credit is goneMaybelline by Chuck BerryTHEN RUNThat's exactly what happened when i broke the jukebox--couple expat teenage girls put on who-knows-how-much-worth of Achy Breaky Hea... 
Most annoying song, period.
@dramatictenor--re Afternoon Delight--if "annoying" = puke inducing then you have my vote ! 
Most annoying song, period.
I was out of country when the original came out and not in a place where you would ever hear any American music.  I didn't hear it until around 1979 so i was never exposed to the overplay.  Not my favorite Eagles song but the extended intro with W... 
Most annoying song, period.
I know what you mean--i was stunned to see the Live version of Hotel California listed--then i wondered which live version?  Surely it can't be the one on Hell Freezes Over--i use that one to demo speakers !  If it is the one he/she's talking abou... 
Most annoying song, period.
tls49+10 on Achy Breaky Heart--in 1993 I broke a jukebox in Jakarta Indonesia to stop the torture--only cost 145,000 Rupiah to pay for the damage--worth every penny...well, Rupe 
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
+1 Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse as mentioned by several--even if you can't listen to Eclipse upgrade, even the lower models will impress-and you can stay married+1 Boulder 1160 if you can stay married 
Cable Burn In
Whenever i'm bored (it's raining and i can't fish and my wife's sleeping so i can't play the music) i enjoy reading this forum.  Yes, many of the posters are predictable but also make legitimate arguments.  What i believe is that music is almost a... 
You were bound to get a zillion recommendations--but what i would recommend depends on the listening room--is it big, medium, small?