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Bridged amps vs stereo vs monoblocks.
As I understand it when you bridge an amp you will double its output at 8 and 4 ohms, but not 2 ohms.  That is not always the case - it depends on the amp. If you have one with a sufficient power section it will 'double down' I own a pair of a... 
How to prevent visitors from touching your system
The worst are children - tell them not to do something and that is exactly what they will do. I had a friend over who was one of those 'my kid can do no harm' types and they walked into the room where I keep my main system.  I instantly told him ... 
Integrating speakers into contemporary decor - can WAF ever be overcome?
If you can't reach a trade off where you get speakers she doesn't particularly like and she gets something in other rooms she likes, consider investing in an acoustically transparent movie screen (possibly a motor driven one that lowers from the c... 
Surge protector/conditioner for vintage system
Just buy a whole house surge protector and have an electrician install it for you, and then forget about it.  
Bang for the buck
Vandersteens are second to none as far as not 'wasting' money on fancy veneers etc. All the value goes into the speakers and crossovers and you get socks instead or nice polished wood veneer. I've owned a set of 4As for over 20 years and still li... 
We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
The alternative is to own amps that will drive anything.  I was lucky enough to buy several Class  A amps that were stable into 1 ohm loads early in my audio hobby - a pair were driving the heck out of Apogee Scintillas at 1 ohm setting.     
What's your experience with snooty HiFi salesmen?
I hate shops with salesmen that tell you what they think you should be hearing in an audition, and have actually asked them to keep their opinions to themselves as they held zero interest for me - I was only interested in what I thought.  
Law Of Diminishing Returns?
I had a friend that went through a similar process at great expense. I took him to a local shop that has a heritage system consisting of original Quad ESL speakers and amplification. The owner played some acoustic music and my friend jusy said "F... 
What to do with my legacy CD collection?
I also have 4,000 plus LPs after purging all the ones I wasn't going to listen to again (opera, comedy etc.)  And three turntables to spin them on.  
What to do with my legacy CD collection?
Timely question. I have something like 4500 CDs that I ripped to FLAC. They are stored under the stairs in boxes and I have backups of the 1 TB or so of digital information so I should also consider donating them!  
Ripping CD's to hard drive
Agree - FLAC is the way to go - I use twinned 3 Tb NAS drives. The images take up a fair bit of space on top of the music. I am also a dBPoweramp user.  
Opinion: Modern country is the worst musical genre of all time
Personally, I would rather listen to Tuvan throat singing than either country or (c)rap music. Certainly a provocative first post, mind you, even if I happen to agree with it.  
My Home Theatre Room Challenges - Is It Worth It To Upgrade Speakers
Full range main speakers are a necessity but augmenting with powered subwoofers is also a good idea. Even more important is to have the room analyzed, treated if necessary and set up properly,  
Do You Play Or Save Your Best Cartridges
Have to be bonkers to want to change cartridges more than you have to.  Each time you do that there is a small but finite chance you will damage it  - brushing against the stylus with a sleeve or any number of ways. Plus it is a PITA to do . If t... 
Previous Ownership...does it matter to you?
If it is in good shape and sounds the way it should why would I care if it had been owned by one owner or many? We have a large Asian community here and most of the audiophiles in it change their gear every year or two when the latest and greates...