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Does anyone have any recent experience with Kharma loudspeakers?
How funny @prof and ​​​​@rediculus I started this thread exactly one year ago today.  I knew I was on to something when I heard these....ha ha   Woots  
Anyone have experience with MSB Technology products compared to dCS?
@divertiti Great Feedback!  Curious how you have your MSB connected to your system.  I was told in order to connect I would need to get something like an Aurender N10.  Thanks! Woots  
Anyone have experience with MSB Technology products compared to dCS?
@pdreher i have no intention of getting rid of the Roon Nucleus+. Thanks for the feedback.   
Lumin u1 or Aurender N10
I currently have the Lumin T2 and am very happy with it and the SQ.  I have the Lumin connected through Roon with a Synology DS918+ NAS.  I also have a direct connect from my Lumin into my Preamp so I can use the Lumin app and play direct from Lum... 
Attractive Bookshelf - Under $3k
I bought a pair of those exact same SF speakers without demoing them as well. They perform way beyond my expectations. I use them without the grills on my bookshelf. Shockingly fantastic base and all around pleasant listening experience. I primari... 
“House” Character of Popular $20-$30k Speakers
I would consider Sonus Faber or Wilson.  You can get new or previously owned in that range depending on your preference.  I own pairs of both brands.  
Need Help Matching to This System To Speakers
Highly recommend Sonus Faber. Bought a pair for my bookshelves last fall.  They have a magnificent sound stage with impressive bass and tweeter set up. Sonetta 1 or 2.  Wanted the 2's but had to get the ones due to height.  You'll love them.  Mult... 
2nd systems- who’s got one?
2nd system McIntosh MX122, Sonus Faber, Anthem 3rd system Anthem AVM60, B&W, Rotel 4th system Naim Music in 8 Rooms through Sonos/Roon.   
streamer Lumin U1 or Aries G2.1
Have never heard the Aries but have a Lumin and love their soundstage.  Also,  Lumin has a great app. Good luck and keep us posted!!  
Speakers for string Quartets
Highly recommend Martin Logan ESL 15A’s. They are power hungry. I had mine paired with McIntosh Monoblocks (1.25kwh). Luxman is a better choice for an amp based on my experience. Good Luck and keep us posted!!  
Mcintosh MC462 versus Luxman M10X
@rman9 Glad it worked out and glad I could assist.  Keep us posted.  
Fantastic feedback from those who posted.  Very much appreciated.   I reached out to SOTA turntable company and  connected with Donna.  They are attending and have some products they are launching.  Sounds like a good opportunity to check out an ... 
@pkatsuleas  Do dealers go and set up products in showrooms or is it strictly manufacturer's?  For example, would a local Chicago dealer have a room showing Audio Research or Wilson Audio or would it be Wilson Audio showing off the line of produc... 
Mcintosh MC462 versus Luxman M10X
Owned McIntosh monoblocks for many years. While looking to improve my sound in my speakers I demoed Luxman and found it much more musical and detailed.  Luxman also goes much lower on the ohms scale which when combined with my Martin Logan Esl15a’... 
Phono Stage Advice
Thanks everyone for the thoughtful replies and depth of knowledge. Definitely did not realize the complexity involved and will do the research.  I’ll also reach out to Donna as suggested.     Woots