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Upgrading from Martin Logan ESL15a w/Force subs to Wilson Sasha Daw or Alexia 2 w/JL subs
@brianslids  Congrats!!  Way to go!!  After demoing multiple brands I settled in on a pair of S812's.  I also went with the Alexia's and am extremely happy.  As a former REL owner you know the benefits.....but the one I found most useful and succ... 
Shipping 80lb amps.
Use a freight company, palletize and strap the amps onto the pallet then shrink wrap over it so nothing can be placed on top of it.  Fragile stickers can also help.  Most importantly double box the amps. Good luck!  
Luxman 509x vs Hegel H390
Happy to hear you went with Luxman!!  
Is there such a thing as a FOREVER DAC/streamer?
Check out MSB Technologies.  Let us know what you decide to do and good luck in this journey!  
Which ones should I choose? Tannoy Kensington Gr or B&W 804 D4
I owned 804’s and therefore pick Tannoy’s.   
To ROON or not to ROON ?
You “have to Roon”. I have discovered so much new snd interesting music. Using both Tidal and Qobuz as well as a NAS.  Great high res music throughout the house and what a difference it makes.    go for it and let us know how you make out!!  
SCAM ALERT For AudiogoN Sellers - Too Many Questions
@salon1audio  There are a few ways to add a watermark with your iPhone/iPhone photos.  One is just with your iPhone under photos and there are 2 options with an app called snapseed a free app through apple.You can also search Youtube for "how to ... 
Temporary Down Sizing - Integrated Amp Recommendations
Had a chance to demo the Luxman and  loved the musicality, detail and performance.  That's my vote.  
Computer updated and now Roon is blocked
You may want to try the dealer that you bought it from.  I had a similar issue and had to go into my settings on my iPhone (in your case computer) and reset a several of them.  Where are you located?  
Switching from SS amps to tubes was one of the best moves  I have made in my system. I went from McIntosh 1.25kwh Monoblocks to an Audio Research Ref160S. Have not missed my McIntosh at all. Much better SQ all the way around. You may want to find ... 
How good does my system have to be to realize an improvement with cables?
Since many of us have “upgraditis” I bought the best cables I could afford knowing that I will probably upgrade my dac at some point. I went with Transparent Power cord and Transparent XLR’s with Reference Quality. I have a Lumin T2 and when I swi... 
Silver Speaker Cables
@gnoworyta  Having used and experienced both I found that silver provided more detail and an improved soundstage.  They can, however, brighten your music a bit too much.  I am not sure of your amp and speaker combo but that also plays a big role.... 
Suggestion for $10K soup to nuts digital?
@m-db  Lumin T2 and Roon Nucleus+.  Way under 10K OR used Lumin X1 and Roon Nucleus+ also throw in a NAS drive and you are still under 10K if you get the Lumin T2. Let us know how you make out with your decision!  
Looking for a streamer/DAC
Check out the Lumin T2.  One stop shopping.  Great app, great support and easy to use. Let us know know how you make out!  
Best Dedicated Streamer
Currently use Lumin but have recently demoed Innuos and Aurender. Innuos worked without glitches over a 2 month demo period. The only issue I found was it took a while t lock into my network but once it locked in it stayed connected. I felt that t...