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Speakers suggestion help
I have the exact  B&W system you are referencing.  I have the 805's plus a B&W sub to match.  I have this in my bedroom setup and it sounds fantastic.  Great midrange and highs and the subs fill in the rest. My sub is the ASW10CM.  I defin... 
Mcintosh MA-7900 home theater bypass with subs - not doable?
I saw that there were 2 mentions in the owners manual on pages 5 and 20.  Not sure if that helps but am curious if you have the latest firmware upgrade? I have mostly McIntosh equipment and would reach out to a local dealer or the company headquar... 
Looking for a front end streamer only.
Since you have Cd’s you may want to consider the following: NAS drive, Roon, Streamer.  I went with the following Lumin D2, Synology DS918+, and Roon Nucleus +. You can rip your cd’s into the nas and have them on a hard drive for extremely quick a... 
Guidance on Speaker Wire
Thanks denverfred!!  That’s what I decided on with the Bricks.   
Guidance on Speaker Wire
mammothguy54 and sgreg1 what do you recommend for long runs of balanced cable if I were to figure out a way to get the amps out by the speakers? 
Guidance on Speaker Wire
Thanks mammothguy54 and sgreg1.....I don't have the adequate room for the amps plus I do have a center channel that has a McIntosh 600 watt mono block plus the center channel itself and 2 large subs.  I like the idea that some have posted on runni... 
Guidance on Speaker Wire
Thanks to everyone who has assisted so far!  Unfortunately, I am not able to locate my amps any closer to the speakers which I know would be ideal.  Keep the ideas coming.  The reason the run is 60 feet long is based on getting the wire from my me... 
Guidance on Speaker Wire
Thanks for your input twoleftears. I checked and they will make 60 foot runs.  They advise to use the brick with it.  I was seeing if anyone could confirm this is a good choice or for me to look at some alternatives.    
Guidance on Speaker Wire
The distance from the mechanical room to the speakers are 60 feet not 120 feet.  Yes I do need a total of 120 combined for the main speakers.   
Guidance on Speaker Wire
ElliottBnewcombjr,you make a great point; however, setting up my amps in the room is not practical.  I went down that road.  Appreciate the thinking though.  
McIntosh amp choice
How much is your budget? 
Naim Uniti Core
I just recently purchased this combo and love it.  Recommend the Nucleus +. 
Hegel vs Naim vs Creek for DIY speakers
I have Naim and absolutely love the product.  I'm not too familiar with the others but you can't go wrong with Naim in my opinion.  Very well ,made product. 
speakers for a large room
I have a similar set up as preslisa64.  My room is 25x45.  I have a pair of Martin Logan Renaissance 15A and a pair of Martin Logan Balanced Force 212's as subs.  I use McIntosh 1.2 kwh mono's and each one delivers 1200 watts.  I have no problem f... 
Wilson Alexia 2
I recently heard these with three different amps: Naim, D’Agostino and McIntosh. Speakers sounded great on all three.  Dealer actually recommended a pair of the 1.2 kwh McIntosh monoblocks which I preferred as well.  I have the amps now waiting on...