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Responses from willland

Marantz SR8002 as PRE & B&K REF 200.7
Both Marantz and B&K have been described numerously as sounding warm to neutral. With Klipsch speakers, which can tend to be harsh or bright, both my B&K and Marantz really tame that brightness while maintaining plenty of punch and seperat... 
Need help with Blu Ray upgrade
Your choice of the Marantz BD 8002 is a great choice. The Denon version(DVD-3800BDCI) will also fit the bill. Bill 
Marantz SR8002 as PRE & B&K REF 200.7
Marantz(warmish) + B&K(neutralish) = sweet sound. I know with Klipsch speakers, Marantz/B&K combo mates very well.Bill 
Marantz 2226 as a pre-amp.
I think vintage Marantz receivers make great preamps. I currently am using a Marantz 2252b as a preamp with a pair of Marantz MA-700 monoblocks powering a pair of Klipsch Quartet's. Sweet sound,"tube" like. Bill 
Klipsch Vs axiom
While Klipsch Reference series(RF-7,RF-83,etc) are not considered "high end" speakers, they do offer great dynamics,high sensitivity, and excellent bang for the buck factor. For what it's worth, the RF-7's will knock you out of your seat with 2 ch... 
Denon or Marantz? Home theater beginner.
For most bells and whistles, Onkyo or Denon is way to go. For some bells and whistles and superior 2 channel performance, Marantz SR8002 is a better choice.Bill 
NAD T785 HD Receiver and HT questions
While Onkyo/Integra do make good higher end and good mid priced bang for the buck avr's, the NAD seems to be closest to seperates in one unit. Not your average mass produced receiver. NAD places as much importance in 2 channel applications as it d... 
Inexpensive integrated to drive Klipsch
I second the NAD suggestion. My little 50w/channel NAD seperates rocked with the Forte's. Warm sound really mates well with Klipsch midrange and tweeter horns. The combination added depth to the music and great seperation with instruments. Really ... 
HT Receiver with 200 WPC?
As mentioned, try Sunfire. As far as I know Sunfire is the only receiver out there with 200w/ch. Another idea is the NAD T785. Not 200w/ch but every indication is it seems like it. The NAD also has the new audio formats.http://www.soundandvisionma... 
Need opinions NAD c272, Parasound Halo, Odyssey?
I too am not a B&K dealer. My front soundstage consists of a pair of Klipsch RF-63's and an RC-64. With my B&K Reference 4430, bright these Klipsch's are not. Very warm sounding but with plenty of authority. As mentioned before, these amps... 
Klipsch Forte's or Quartet's. Great bass extension,very efficient,play loud and clear. Mates well with 25w tubes or 200w SS. Good resale value.Bill 
Home Theater Preamp/amp advice.
The Integra or Onkyo pre/pro is an excellant choice. Combine it with a B&K like this one:http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampsmult&1259978418&/B-K-Components-Reference-7250-B&K's are rock solid and reliable and very musical. ... 
Dual source speaker switch
Samvogt,If a speaker selector is what you are looking for, I would suggest one of these. I use mine to switch between two sets of tower speakers in my family room. Works great.http://www.frys.com/product/5469539 It sounds to me that you are lookin... 
Horns for HT?
This should squash any doubts(if any) about horns for home theater.http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/news/reviews-and-press/klipsch-thx-ultra2-speaker-system-details/Bill 
B&K AVR 307 receiver + B&K Ref 200.7 Amp
Even though B&K receivers pack a really nice amp section, adding a B&K outboard amp(200w/ch) has to be an improvement. Your 307 puts out 28 amps of current(peak to peak) while the 200.7 puts out 75 amps of current(peak to peak). That equat...