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Best Preamp - NO preamp... (?)
I do this on my analog rig... I ran my PS Audio GCPH and now my Manley Steelhead directly to my amp, as they both have volume controls.  Sounds great, wouldn't have it any other way.  I also tried using a preamp to confirm what I was hearing and c... 
Which Zu for you
Beautiful looking pair of honey walnut Superflys just went up on Zu's preloved site... that's a really good deal. 
Which Zu for you
Leotis, the twin driver models are 8 ohm.  Omen I believe is 12 ohm.>Whoopycat does the defhead also give the emotional connection that the single driver provides?<Yes and no... IMO the Defhead does dynamic peaks better and really puts you i... 
Which Zu for you
I have Superfly and I have the Defheads (sealed top half of Definition).  I haven't heard Omen Def, but my Defheads are kinda like the Omen Def with a sealed cabinet and better cabinet build plus the Radian tweeter.  Let me tell you that Radian tw... 
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Two words: Neil Young