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Luxman SQ-30u noise
I put the old tubes back with no change. Another observation. I hear the noise in the headphones (one channel only)) even when nothing is hooked to the amp. It does not matter what settings I have on the amp. 
phono hum
OK. I turned the TT 90 degrees and the hum is mostly gone, except at high volume, well above listening level. At rest the cart is about 13 inches from side of amp. At end of play it is about 9-10 inches from amp. Until I find a better location for... 
Luxman SQ-30u noise
More info. Turns out the noise is in one channel only. The noise sounds similar to noise you get between songs on a less than mint vinyl Lp. 
What is my weak link?
Thanks for all the suggestions. I guess I will basically change nothing. I may experiment with cartridges. Lots of knowledgable folks on this site. Keep it up.