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Anyone have any experience with CD transports? Particularly Jay’s Audio?
I purchased a Jay's Audio CDT1 about 4 months ago.  It has been great. Well constructed and solid.   I received it within about 2 weeks of ordering (I'm in the US). 
CD Rip and Meta data - Can Roon do better than other services?
I have found that Apple Music often finds metadata that dbPoweramp and XLD don't find.  I'm not sure what their source is.  If you have a Mac, a trick I use is to bring up Apple Music (iTunes) when I insert the disk to rip.  Then bring up XLD and ... 
J. Sikora Initial turntable
Thanks for the replies.  I will likely forgo the Sikora.  There just doesn't seem to be much known about it (other than the Stereophile review) and I am concerned about after market support.I will likely opt for the Dr. Feikert table and spring fo...