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What are/were the best sounding cheap components you have ever had?
Sennheiser hd580 and hd650 headphones. Schiit modi multibit dac Zu mission rca ic's, $25 new off eBay Onix Ref 1 speakers, $400 Belles Soloist 5 Amp, $400 Creek  Classic 5350SE Amp, free! Needed repair.    
Best Brands Out of These-Wharfendale,Bowers and Wilkinsons...
Speakers: Magnepun Martin logjam Bowels of Wilkins Woofdale Many Turd audio Vander's spleen EgglestonWorst Deafinitive technology Dinfinity Sulk Magic Ho Spendmore Herbreath Acoustic Hen Scrapogee Weiner Acoustics Amps: Ya Mama My Rants Krill ... 
Mega dollar systems. 200k on up. What are their professions?
I bet Putin has a couple pairs of Tidal La Assoluta stashed at his various villas ;)   
jolida of china v. jolida of maryland?
Umm..this thread is 10 years old. Pretty sure he bought a cd player.  
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
Great thread! Thanks for the info, and looking forward to more! 
Can someone explain, in lay terms, why I should pay more for a Coaxial Interconnect?
Just curious, what is the make and model of this high end dvd player? 
Esoteric DV-50
Can you use a universal remote? 
Can anyone identify this please.
I bet they are the Piggy Audio G1000. 
YBA 3a amp...
Its YBA 3 delta, not 3A. The delta symbol looks like an A. 50 W/channel. 
Higher end value cables
Is virtue audio out of business? I can't  access their website. I would recommend  zu cables, purchased  at deep discounts on ebay. The wylde and mission interconnects usually sell for $30-$50, their retail price is around $300. I have the wyldes ... 
Music Hall vs. Schiit
I'd recommend the Modi multibit for warm, analog sound.  
Knukonceptz 8 guage wire, bananas and interconnects
I still have their karma kable rca cables lying around which I purchased from them more than 15 years ago. Still sound pretty decent. 
New Pangea Audio AC-14 XL Power Cord
Yes mine are mk2, they have the blue threads. 
New Pangea Audio AC-14 XL Power Cord
I am using both AC14 and AC14se mk2. While the AC14 sounds pretty balanced, the ac14se mk2 sounds really warm, veiled, and rolled off. The ac14 sounds better to me, airier and more balanced. Is this anyone's experience? I am alternately using thes... 
What is as tube sounding as Conrad today?
Look for ys audio symphonies. Maybe you can get one for $300.