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Budget tower speakers that rock!
I recommend a pair of vintage Infinity RS II’s. They are around used for under a $1000. You might have to have the woofs re-foamed. They are very large. If you really want to rock out, find a pair of JBL 4698B Cabaret's. They are a PA speaker from... 
BANG for the BUCK
+1 on the Apt Holman Pre Amp. Picked up one in the late 90’s used for $200. I may still get another but the prices are starting to climb as people discover them. Found a pair of JBL 4435 speakers at a pawn shop in the late 90's. They were perfect.... 
Help? Bi-Amping With A Pair of Roksan KA-1 Amplifiers
Thanks so much for the advice guys. I will start experimenting with this. BTW, I picked up a KORG DS-DAC-10R AD/DA converter (new) to rip some vinyl. It also appears to function as a pre-amp. I am using a Luxman TT with an Ortofon Blue MM cartridg... 
Help? Bi-Amping With A Pair of Roksan KA-1 Amplifiers
@knotscott. Thanks for the reply. I'm afraid I don't quite understand the "vertical' bi-amp approach. In this approach, I have to keep the Right channel outputs of each amp connected to the right speaker, one set for the highs and one set for th... 
What are the sexiest components ever made?
I find the Accuphase gear very tastefully designed. Especially like the A-47 Amplifier with the champagne finish and big meters. Also like the black Michell Orbe SE TT with black SME arm.  
Should people with no turntable or reel to reel be considered audiophiles?
I gave up gear and only listen to live music. It's what most of us are chasing. I used this same logic when I gave up golf; if the object of the game is to get the lowest score....then I win.Labels are for cans.  
Best debut album
+1 edcynTodd Rundgren produced the debut Lp.  
Best debut album
The New York Dolls. They broke a lot of stuff. A prototype for punk and glam.  
Analog to Digital Converter for my PC?
Thank you ddude003. The Korg looks exactly like what I need at this point. Thank you.  
Silver is the appropriate color for everything but speakers.
I'm an Industrial Designer and I do appreciate a thoughtfully designed piece of audio gear. I generally prefer silver especially when there are polished edge chamfers and other fine details. I have often envisioned other materials and finishes tha... 
OMG, just removed my speaker grills and the sound just opened up to a new level!
I hear if you cut holes in your grills the same diameter as your drivers that it's a no-compromise solution.   
Why Are Mono LP's So Undervalued By Most Classical Collector/Listeners?
The Julie London monos are spectacular at capturing the sense of warmth and intimacy of her lyrics. BTW, I think she slays Diana Krall. 
Why Are Mono LP's So Undervalued By Most Classical Collector/Listeners?
Yes, imaging is more apparent with stereo. With mono, its more subtle. I tend to concentrate on featured artists and their instruments like a Gould sonata or a Heifetz concerto. Some of my Glenn Gould Columbia mono’s are just "in the room" for me.... 
Types of speakers to create nightclub style sound?
I would like to recommend a pair of used JBL 4435‘s. I had a pair once and they really filled my 27 x 20 x 10 living room with great sound. These are big box speakers but I think they look great. I was told the 4435’s were used in a lot of disco c... 
Mattresses, not stereos is where the money is
The only way to test a mattress for real world performance is to fully load it...