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Duelund speaker cable
Try tri-wiring your SCM40 speakers with DCA16GA for further improvement. Or DCA12GA on the woofers and DCA16A on the midrange and tweeters.  
Best Liner Notes / Information delivery from Streamers & Streaming Services
+1 Roon.  
Gustard R26
Most folks with a R26 find that it sounds the best with the LAN connection. There is a huge thread over on head-fi: Head-Fi Gustard R26 Thread and an interesting master clock thread: Head-Fi Master Clock Thread  
Gustard R26
@soix is correct. It's rarely mentioned in these discussions that I2s specs say no longer than a 10cm (~4 inches) cable.  
Gustard R26
A friend of mine is an integrated circuit designer specializing in network products for decades. I asked and was told that the main thing that happens when chaining switches is that you add latency (bad). So the sound probably changes. One of thes... 
ifi iPhono 3 "Black Label" Anyone?
@reidcc In your case, having owned both, properly broken-in, I would strongly recommend the Zen Phono with iPower X power supply. You have an excellent cartridge which, I suspect, you have no idea how good it can sound. The above mentioned combo w... 
Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium Platform Review:
The Podiums work very well under my Fyne F703 speakers.  
Advice or experience with shipping speakers using freight companies
Palletize and call echo logistics. Same company Legacy Audio uses to ship their large speakers. I've also used them on several occasions and am very satisfied.  
SET amplifier (for AvantGarde Duo's-original) recommendations
I was using a Wavelength 45 SET when I had a pair. Very nice.  
Spikes on tower speakers
@clearthinker My ears. Also, the Credo video also shows some compelling scientific measurements/evidence. The science you cite is correct. The audible effect, if any, is outweighed by other science (energy transfer). If you want to couple your s... 
Spikes on tower speakers
@clearthinker Just your opinion. An old audiophile myth.  
Spikes on tower speakers
Spikes/cones (coupling) should never be used under speakers (long standing audiophile myth). All speakers should be decoupled from the floor. Speaker Decoupling Video  
Best shipping companies
I like and use Echo Logistics. Legacy uses them; where I got this recommendation.  
Network optimization for serious streamers
Regarding "wall wart wifi over power line" devices. Worst idea ever. Folks with turntables know as the resulting audible noise makes listening impossible. One may not hear the audible noise at line levels but it's still degrading the sound quality... 
What's the best EL84 amp?
My favorite push pull output tube. I have no idea what the best is but I love my Manley Mahi monos and Kingko KA101Pro stereo integrated. Haven't heard the Music Reference mentioned above but have read nothing but rave reviews over the years.