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EL 34 vs. KT 88 ---- What's the difference?
Why can some amps use EL34 or KT88 while other amps cannot use them interchangeably?Does the output transformer have to "match" the tubes? If yes, what are the impedance differences? 
New filter/regenerator
Thanks for sharing your experience, Nsgarch. However, I am a bit surprised that you put your sub and amp on the same EP15A. I have found that a significant amount of noises are from equipment with switching power supplies. Subwoofer is a big offen... 
Emotiva MPS-2 amp and ongoing saga . . .
It seems that you want to have a system for both 2-ch and HT applications. 2-ch performance is important to you. If that is the case, I have gone through a similar journey in the last 4 years. It has been an expensive journey as I have rotated 5 s... 
Best 6DJ8 tubes?
I like my Telefunken 6DJ8s. They replaced Siemens/RCA 7308 gold pins. 
Lessloss or MAC PC's w/ conditioner????
I also use a LessLoss PC to connect my Shunyata Guardian PLC to the wall outlet. I have everything except power amp plugged in to that Shunyata PLC. It works for me.I think a good PLC can do more for you though. 
Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
No problem. I still don't have the Dude preamp though. 
power supply size
Try this site: even have schematics there.... You'll find the values of capacitors there! 
Tube Question - Do they need time to "Break In"
My experience is that tubes do take time to break in. Two years ago, I bought a pair of new Full Music Meshed-plate 300Bs for my SET amp. When I first powered them on, they would not even hold biases. They also sounded muddy and closed. If you loo... 
Cayin A70T has bogus tube rectification?
How did you measure the 5-10% crossover distortion? I have never heard of Class A1 and A2 either. Is this something your creative friends invented?Since you got it 2nd hand, is it possible that the previous owner changed the rectification? 
20 Amp Dedicated line: 10 gauge vs 12 gauge wire
Even with the same length for all runs, the voltage drops will be different for each circuit. This is because power amp draws more current and it would see a slightly lower voltage. 
Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
Thanks, Bill. I have tweaked my BAT preamp to its best. It is ready for a head-on shootout with the Dude! 
Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
Bill,I have been waiting for my Dude preamp to show up. It is exciting to read your review. I am going from a BAT tube preamp to Dude.I see that you like cables from Audio Horizons. I may be looking for a longer IC soon. What other cables have you... 
Which amp matches best my JM Lab Mezzo Utopia ?
Aleko, what amps have you tried on your Mezzo Utopias? Let me know what you think of them..... 
Best 6922 for pre
I like Telefunken 6DJ8s the best. 6DJ8s have a lower voltage limit for anodes. So you may want to check the anode voltage of your preamp first. 
Tel wire vs Lessloos
I have found them work well together. I use LessLoss on Transporter and TelWire on the preamp. LessLoss seems to work well with digital equipment as it filters out digital noises and reduces them back onto AC line.