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Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
I have about 450 hours on the Dude. It is indeed a very nice preamp! The initial slight edginess is all gone. It is all music to my ears now.I am thinking to send my Marantz SA11 player to TRL for mods. This shows how much I like the Dude preamp! 
Rotel RB-1070 vs RB-1080
Can you describe the Rotel "house sound"? Thanks. 
ModWright vs. TRL mods
I am in SF Bay area. What's the chance that you are nearby? :-) 
ModWright vs. TRL mods
Yes, I have a Dude preamp and it is really nice. My Dude preamp is of silver color and it probably does not look good with wood knobs, I think.Do you still have these TRL digital and analog gears? 
What do you see as the downside of tubes?
The real down side is that you may be perceived as a picky person and ordinary things are not good enough for you. You pursuit your ideal to the extreme and don't make compromises for the 2nd best. You are too confident in what you believe. Anyway... 
Mixed driver tube for Mcintosh MC275
With balanced inputs, does MC275 combine the signal first and then split the phase for push pull output stage? 
what is the theory behind maple stands and racks?
How thick should this maple platform be? 
Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
The Dude is more musical than my BAT VK-3iX. The Dude also has a larger sound stage and more details. Its midrange is also better.The BAT does have its strength though. Its bass extends to lower and is more impactful. This is probably due to its h... 
Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
I have received my Dude preamp and put about 170 hours on it. I have to say that I like its sound!Bill, have you tried clear glass RCA 6SN7s? I am amazed that these inexpensive tubes sound better than other expensive tubes I own. Have you tried ma... 
Shakti Stones Do they actuall work guys.
I also have bought two and tried them on all my equipment. I couldn't find any differences either. Then I put them outside of the main circuit breaker panel. They actually work for me there! 
impedence value.? amp to preamp.
Hi Atamasphere,There are some preamp designs that put volume pots at the output. What do you think of them?I just bought a preamp that uses 100K volume control at the output. It works well with my power amp which has a 500K input impedance. Howeve... 
What does microphonic tube sound like?
I am not sure about the hypothesis that your CDP overdrives your tube preamp. Your tube preamp should have a volume control that can attenuate the signal from the CDP.My guess is your SS power amp overdrives your tube preamp. Your tube preamp may ... 
How to reproduce sound of piano using ICE
Okay, let's get the some basics right. Your system can never *prove* any of the theory. It can *support* or even *validate* the theory. But proving a theory needs more than just showing it works.Since your assumptions are incorrect, the rest of th... 
90db, 7ohm speakers: tube amp recommendations?
At least, you need to find out the minimal impedance of your speakers. I have two pairs of speakers, both rated 91dB@8ohm. They sound night and day different with my 50W KT88 monoblocks. One pair has a flatter impedance curve and these 50W KT88 mo... 
tube roll the - pre amp or the power amp?
Roll the constant current source tubes in the VK-3iX preamp will give you the most change in the preamp. No experience with your power amp though.