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hybrid solid state amps
Aria WT100 is a good choice. I have a NP100 with the Platinum upgrade, which is supposed to be very close to the Aria WT100. I have it voiced to sound like a SET amp. a very good amp IMO.... 
WAV versus FLAC
A question for Alex please. Where in your system is FLAC decoded?Thanks. 
Review: MHDT Paradisea+ MHDT Paradisea+ DA converter
I have been using MHDT Paradisea+ in my 2nd system for a couple of years. Currently, it is fed by Slimdevices SB3 and drives directly the Melody KT88 monoblocks, with a set of attenuators. I like it a lot, especially with the following minor tweak... 
New Zu Mission cable
what sexy overtones? 
$3500 to spend on a tube preamp....ideas?
I am very happy with my Dude from TRL, especially after the power supply upgrade. To summarize it in one sentence, it sounds more like live music. 
High Powered Wireless Network for Audio
I'd like to clarify one more issue. Among the 11 WiFi channels, there are only 3 non-overlapping channels. They are CH 1, 6, and 11. In other words, if you see WiFi routers on CH 2, 3, 4, and/or 5, CH 1 and 6 will get interferences. Additionally, ... 
High Powered Wireless Network for Audio
I'd like to offer a few recommendations. My employer makes one of the high end routers for home use. I manage the Engineering dept. and have tested WiFi performance in various configurations. My house is about 3,300 sq-ft and I use my router to st... 
More Grounding Questions
I think you are right, Al. I'll have to try it both ways and determine for myself. Thanks all for the comments again. 
More Grounding Questions
I cannot hear noises when the system is idle. But I am not sure it (ground loop) does not hurt sound quality when the music is playing. As an example, I couldn't hear any hum, buzz, or noises before I put a Shunyata PLC for the digital and preamp ... 
More Grounding Questions
Al,Most amps I know use "star ground" or some variation of it for grounding various common points. In short, these various common points are wired together first and only goes to the chassis at one point. A good article can be found from:http://ai... 
More Grounding Questions
Hifihvn, yes, AC ground (not AC neutral) is wired to chassis. Heyraz, there was a ground loop between the preamp and the secondary power amp. (To be clear, I only use one power amp at a time). So it hummed. Then I isolated the signal/circuit groun... 
More Grounding Questions
Thanks Heyraz. Let me provide more info. My main power amp has both AC ground and signal/circuit ground wired to the chassis. One of my sources, SlimDevices Transporter, has both AC ground and signal ground wired to the chassis also. So does my pr... 
Grounding Rod
Thanks all for the comments. I have decided not to add the grounding rod. But the quest for reducing noises continues... 
Did anyone experience Audio Prism's Ground Control
Hi Oddeo, your results look great. Can you tell me what equipment you have and where you put there GCs? Thanks. 
Did anyone experience Audio Prism's Ground Control
This sounds like an interesting product. But I am putting a 8' ground rod and connect it to the chassis of the preamp. Will my system still benefit from AP GC?