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TRL Dude or Joule 150 MKII for Major Pre Upgrade
My Dude works fine with my low gain power amp. But when it was used with a pair of high gain tube monoblocks, I could hear some humming noises. So I got rid of the ground loop by floating the signal ground from the AC ground at the power amp, but ... 
Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
What are the differences, sonically and technically, bewteen the new Dude and the old Dude? 
Wyred DAC-2
One of the first mods for most audio gear is changing the diodes to "soft recovery" diodes to reduce noises. This is a common practice for modders. You can get these diodes from partsconnextion or stores like that. 
Review: Tube Audio Design Hibachi Monoblocks TAD 125 Amplifier
Cool! I have a Counterpoint/AltaVista NP100 hybrid amp for my main system that has 7 Bybees inside! I bought a pair of Hibachi monos too and have been used it in my 2nd system. It is a fine amp indeed.Paul@TAD was right when he said that it needs ... 
Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
Has any Dude owner tried Mapleshade Heavy Footers on a maple block? Does Dude work well with Mapleshade products? 
SET pre-amplification?
Can you share with us how you converted a SET amp into a preamp? I have a 300B SET amp and want to do the same thing.Thanks. 
Moving From AVR to Amp
I also started with a Marantz AVR, moved to B&K Surround Processor plus a Gemstone 7-ch amp, and finally added a set of 2-ch gear. I have the same Velo SPL-1500R subwoofer. I concluded that I couldn't be happy with muti-channel gear for 2-ch m... 
Review: Counterpoint SA-100 Tube amp
I had a chance to borrow this SA100 amp from the OP for a few days. I have to say that I am very impressed by this amp. Before I go on, let me state the gear I have.I also have a Counterpoint NP100 with the Platinum package from Alta Vista Audio a... 
1578 for 6SN7GT
I have a pair running in my Counterpoint NP100. The real 1578 has metal base and round hole plates. 
Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
Glory, I am using Zu Audio Mission ICs. Aluminata is way too expensive.... 
Review: Tube Research Labs Dude Tube preamp
I now have 6SN7 tubes in my source, preamp, and power amp. Beside my TRL modded Marantz SA11 CDP, I also have a ModWright Transporter, which uses a pair of 6SN7s in the signal path. Then the Dude preamp also uses a pair of 6SN7s in the signal path... 
Review: Tube Audio Design Hibachi Monoblocks TAD 125 Amplifier
Which Audio Van Alstin amps did you have? What did you think of it? 
WAV versus FLAC
Thanks Mlsstl and Daverz. Good pointer to the link, Daverz. However, it is for the new SB Touch. I have a Transporter and a SB3. Do you know any sources that explain similar mods? 
WAV versus FLAC
Daverz, how do you change the setting for sending WAV files? You mentioned the default was FLAC but you changed it to PCM. Where in the settings can you do that? What version of Squeezebox Server do you use? 
WAV versus FLAC
Alex, do you use your PC to decode FLAC into PCM stream and then feed into the DAC? I need to understand how you set up your system to understand your claim better.