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Cal Audio Alpha/Delta Question
Off eBay.  My Alpha has had the 96k/24 Bit upgrade but I don't think they changed the fuse. This appears to be the same as what's in mine.... 
Schiit - shipments stopped?
Schiit at the least should answer the darn phone and explain issues.  It's called customer service.  I would have walked a month ago, then again I would have never got involved with company who's name is a joke. 
Storage Device Recommendations
Research an NAS Server.  I have a QNAP..  Synology is another popular brand. I use it to stream Music and Movies to multiple devices throughout the house. 
Replacement for SED 6550C Winged C
I switched from SED 6550C Winged "C" to Gold Lion-KT-88's for my VTL amps many years ago.  They are a bit warmer with better bass. I enjoy them so much I've not considered trying another brand of tube.  
A deeper more holographic soundstage.
My speakers are 60 inches into the room from the front walls and 19 inches into the room from the side walls.  My chair is located 8 feet from the speakers. It took months of trial and error plus blue painter's tape to get everything tuned. My lis... 
TUBE BIAS, socket to me!
@elliottbnewcombjr Before the owning my VTL 450's I had VTL 300 Deluxe mono blocks and they were not Auto Biasing so I feel your pain! 
TUBE BIAS, socket to me!
Auto biasing amps, worth every penny! 
Upgraded amp for B&W 802d3
OP, I went the other way.  I have older B&W 801Series 3 speaker and I was driving them with VTL 300 Deluxe mono blocks.  I wanted to get away from tube amps.  I tried Classe CAM 350 mono block for 3 months. Really nice amps and a good friend l... 
Does Anyone Think CD is Better Than Vinyl/Analog?
To me vinyl sounds better, yet I think digital is better in every other way. Just try strapping a turntable to your wrist or putting one on the seat of your car.  
I'm pretty excited about my new room i'm building
Congratulations,  Dedicated rooms are the ultimate tweak. Wondering what the reasoning was behind the 10" concrete slab.  The tread was a fun read, I'm a retired Building Inspector and I've avoided construction since that door closed. 
How old are you?
I’m 67 years old. 
IPhone/IPad - why do I need camera adapter to connect to DAC?
Because Apple thinks you don't need it.   
Thiel Owners
Jafant, per your request: VTL 450MKII and Mcintosh C2500 pre. Not long ago I posted that I was selling my CS6 & SS1. I don’t think they will sell here, so I posted them on Facebook. After I tested the speakers before posting, I’m not as motiva... 
Teach me about cartridge 'retipping'
They always sound different when you get them back. 
Thiel Owners
Jafant,  I use 12awg solid core Irrigation wire.