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If you had a dozen pairs of classic vintage ubes in your closet
I have a lot of NOS tubes, in baggies, by type.  I use them as replacement for Gold Lions reissues that fail.  I keep waiting but none of the 12's will fail.  I quit buying NOS Tubes maybe 15 years ago.  Price vs. Performance became an issue as th... 
What's The Furthest/Longest You Have/Will Travel To Audition?
600 miles round trip.   
What did your system look like 30 years ago?
Acoustat Spectra 33 electrostatic speakers, Kinergetics BSC subwoofer system, Counterpoint SA-220, Adcom GTF-400 pre-amp and a Magnavox CDB 560 CD Player.  My Pioneer PL-15 was collecting dust.  I still have the speakers, sub and pre, none are is ... 
Dr Feickert Protractor
I modified my MFSL Geo-Disc after seeing a Feikert.  I added a straight edge ruler for better alignment to the pivot point of the arm.  I always hated the guess-a-mation when lining up the arm pivot point with the G-Disc. 
Are there alternatives to an NHT X1?
No I did not post it yet.  I did test it and I could not get the crossover to work.  The A1 & X1 have been sitting unused for years and my system has changed many times.  I will give another go later today and get back to you. 
DVD player playing CD's
I use a Multiple Format Digital Disc player, it's a Esoteric DV-50. It's pre Blu-ray but it plays most everything else. 
She's sitting right next to me. 
Anyone have a fully upgraded KAB 1200?
When I researched tweaks to my 1210, I found most were for the arm.  My 1210 was a DJ rescue and the arm had to be abused.  I just changed the arm myself.  I didn't have to ship it which is always a risk. The Jelco arm I got is oil damped, was eas... 
Schiit - shipments stopped?
No Schiit, really. 
A person I would like to thank/mention in the history of the high end,
J. Gordon Holt. 
Can a California Audio Lab Delta D/A be used with a FLAC USB music collection?
My Alpha has USB, Coax, Toshlink and another connection I've never heard off.  I'm using it now with Coax but I have used it with Toslink in the past.   
Best place to get orientation in buying equipment
Try to find a local mentor. Someone who is willing to educate you in the fine art not getting screwed!  A salesperson in a audio shop will only recommend the  products they sell. Also they have house and car payments to make too.  Search for local... 
Anyone have a fully upgraded KAB 1200?
I'd like to hear from users too.  I've considered the power supply tweak for years.  Now that the government is giving me some of my damn money back, it just may be time.   
Crosley should be arrested for selling junk
Mapman, my feelings exactly!  They would not be in business if people didn't buy it.  
Cal Audio Alpha/Delta Question
OK OP you got me thinking about my dusty old Alpha.  So, I had a little pandemic fun this afternoon.  I dusted off my old Jolida JD-1000 integrated amp, connected the Alpha, then into my Mac Mini.  I'm using Spica TC-50 speakers.  Should be warm n...